Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy big, huge 60th Birthday Dad!

The following are pictures of one of your presents.
This is completely homemade on top and unfortunately due to shipping box sizes and cost I had to disassemble so that it would fit in the box.
Even though I shipped it UPS on Friday, the lady said it would not make it to your home till Thursday or Friday.
This is completely my fault because I had it in my head that your birthday was Thursday and not Tuesday.
Oh well, knowing our family history that the gift is making it the week of your birthday should be cause for joy.

Now Dad, when the box arrives you may not open it. HAHA!
Please give it to Gerry so that she may open the box and re-assemble the bouquet. Gerry will give you your gift.
Plus, who knows in shipping it may now need some repairs.
It was a very snug fit getting it in the box.

So 60 years!
You have seen so much and yet you seem to remember so little! hehehehe
You have been through the, 50's sock hop era(sorta) and Elvis, the 60's Vietnam era and woodstock, the 70's Disco era and the birth of your children,  the 80's, I loved the 80's, (whatever happened in the 90's)
Wait!I remeber something from the 90's- the Clinton era,  your childrens graduation, your divorce and remarriage, walking your daughter down the aisle.
With the new millienium came, grandchildren, hip surgery, your sons wedding, more hip surgery (right?), more gray hair everywhere.

Some things never change,
Your still drinking Pepsi products, you like Lays potato chips with french onion dip, still watch drag racing and nascar. You still wear Stetson cologne, Your still go bowling. You buy a TON of magazines every month. (You do know that getting a subscription is cheaper right?)
I'm sure you still visit Taco bell a minimum of twice a month. You prefer vanilla ice cream.
You still live in the Town/county you were born in.

Knowing all this we still love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!
Now go eat some chinese food,(new favorite) and go to a hockey game!

Love you Dad!
Carrie + Mikey
plus our spouses, kids and Mom.


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Anonymous said...

WOW, 60 years old!!!
Happy belated birthday Mike.

I want you ti know that alot of love went into the arrangement that Carrie did, such patience.

So hope you had a fantastic day.

Sam AKA ma