Thursday, April 08, 2010

WOW!!!! I just had the most amazing shock.
I'm killing time on the computer while I'm backing up some photos to cd. I head over to the cricut messageboard.

Cruise around and then I click on cricut crafting. These fantastic people are the ones who inspired me with the birthday bouquet I made for my dad's birthday.
I see that the post I created a couple of weeks ago is back on top. hmmm... I also see that there is now two pages.....
I click on page two read a bit and then back track to page one and see that.....OMG!!!
The cricut chirp newsletter had a link to my thread and it is a message board highlight!! Over 3,000 people have looked at my bouquet and I have no clue how many have visited this blog! Holy Moly!  Here is the link  Chirp newsletter .
I'll be honest, just to be mentioned in the newsletter caused me to cry. I just felt so overwhelmed and humbled. Thank you!
Of course I first called my hubby and he is over the moon thrilled for me and I've been trying to reach my mom to tell her the great news. I also posted it on Facebook, most of my friends will get it and those that don't maybe it will inspire them.

Today I also received in the mail, my very first copy of my blog in book form! I went with blog2print and they have done a wonderful job. I'm slowly printing my blog out year by year and I use that for when I scrapbook and need some journaling. I had printed out 2006 and to see the changes in the kids is amazing! My blog is sort of like a diary and this book is something I can pass down to my kids one day.

All this great stuff is helping me forget my sinus headache that I've had for the last two days!
Easter recap coming tomorrow!

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