Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh my, I can't believe I haven't posted about Wyatt's party Saturday. It was just a family affair but the kids had a lot of fun.
I've said this before that Wyatt is an absolute blast at parties. He gets so excited and his giggle will set you off also.

I had high hopes that the Cricut cartridge of Toy Story would be out in time to make decorations and to design his cake but it was a no go. So we improvised.
Sparkler candles, Rex and alien candies and
Buzz strapped to a rocket.
The cake was Wyatt's choice a triple chocolate with milk chocolate icing.
Hey, I loved it! My boy loves chocolate like his mama.
After the cake and ice cream we gave the kids their goody bags before we opened presents. I told my mom to purchase these small containers of this stuff called Flarp. We howled with laughter as the kids and yes, us adults played with this stuff and made farting noises. Even three days later I'm still caught playing with it.

Look at this picture, do you see a pattern here?!
Wyatt received action figures, TS operation, a rocket ship, t-shirt and PJ's all Toy Story (TS) themed. The only other thing he got, that he loves is the Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion and the gang.
Wyatt and Kelly have spent HOURS playing with these toys. It has been a nice few days.
The kids set up shop at the kitchen table and play Scooby Doo with guest appearances from Woody and the gang.

We had a little bit of a photo shoot with Wyatt in his new pj's.
This boy is such a complete ham at times. He was swinging an imaginary lasso, tipping his imaginary hat and jumping around.
Sadly his old Woody hat from his Halloween costume years ago, recently was severed in two by his little sister.
Gotta love younger siblings.

With all these new toys comes the time to clean up his room and reorganize.
That is what I'm suppose to be doing right now. You see the kids are at Grandma's for the day and I had some stuff to get done. Well now all my stuff is complete but I really don't want to go tackle that room either. I know I should, and maybe I will, but right now, nope. Don't want to do it. Wyatt is the same way. I've sent him to his room several times since Sunday to just pick up a few items, each time I find him playing or sleeping. I really need to get this done and having no interruptions is the best, but I don't want to. I want to read my new magazine. Grrr......I know I'll feel better if I at least make some progress on his room. Big, HUGE, sigh......okay I'll go get busy.

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Anonymous said...

Wyatt sent me into such laughs on cute. You have to be able to picture this little guy, so excited and so very happy.
Wyatt is one of those kids..that it doesn't take much to get excited and happy and on Saturday he was both with a little more tossed in.
All the kids were great And daughter you were right about the flarp, they was entertainment at it's finest. I loved the faces Donovan would make as he made his flarp noise...that boy really got into the fun.
AHH, our little man is now 6, he's growing up, but what a ham and what an imagination. But you know, that is really your imagination you can do and be anything you want. Maybe Wyatt will be the next Walt Disney..he has it in him.
Lots of Love