Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So Friday we got Chelsea moved into her "new" room. It's funny now because when things are quiet around the house, as a mom you think someone is getting into trouble. I will go search for her and usually she is in her room reading books on the floor. It's the cutest thing. Then if she sees me I will get the sweetest smile.

I'm sure you can tell that I first had to find out where Chelsea was then I ran for the camera to catch her unawares.
Unfortunately with the new room it does not mean she is sleeping through the night there. Hopefully we can get her on track and settled. It would be nice to have our bed to ourselves again.
Last night all the kids stayed with grandma and during the night I heard a noise and instinctively leaned over to pick Chelsea up to put her into our bed when I realized she's not here! It was one of the dogs who bumped into something.

I'm currently working on two projects to hang up in this room. The theme is gong to end up being Eric Carles, Hungry Caterpillar. We have the twin bed set and a picked up a pillow that I need to stuff and sew. I realized that the Basic Grey paper Lime Rickey goes well with Eric Carles colors. So I'm decorating a big "C" and I'm doing the butterfly punch out frame in these prints and solids. I'll show photos whenever I get it done.
On Sunday night Rob was great and stayed up to watch Martha Stewart on HSN. Now I love my honey, but he is almost as much as a enabler as I am. This is why I try not to take him to stores :) The HSN people and MS were doing their demo of some of the MS punches. Some I have and some I don't. My hubby was saying things like, that one is cool, do you have that punch?, I like how that one works. When I told him it was cheaper to go to Michael's and use a 40% off coupon. He says go for it. So, knowing me I walk into Michael's the next morning with a coupon to see what's in stock. I picked up one border punch because I was sure that I had the corner already. Got home and I don't have the corner and now I need to go back and get the corner punch. so sad ;)

Little miss Lucy has been getting herself into some trouble around the yard. In the past couple of days she has broken two of my pots, keeps relocating Rob's sandals and has eaten the power cord to my mother in laws pressure washer. All of these items were up on tables supposedly out of her reach. I can't leave for an hour without her getting into something. Grrr....
Kelly and Wyatt have been participating in Vacation Bible School at their grandmas church this week. Kelly originally didn't want to go but this one time I have been the stubborn one and told her that she will go and that she will have fun. Wouldn't you know it, when she came home that afternoon she was all excited and kept telling me how much fun she had. The kids have done different projects each day. The first day was a bag, second day was a pillow and today was a message in a bottle.
Since I can't say it to her I'll say it here.
I told you so!
Wyatt, he just loves everything. He has been excited to go since last Saturday! My adventure boy.
I think that catches things up for the week so far.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chelsea, I like your room and when it gets done you are going to love spending time there.

You know Carrie, I am so very glad that you came to love reading, and that you have passed that one to the kids. Kelly loves to read, and she now reads to Chelsea...soooo cute. There are some serious moments when i wish I could keep the kids at this age. I love the hugs and special times that we all have. And then there is Wyatt, while I see much improvement with regards to Chelsea, he goes his own way, not much into books, but has a great imagination. And he also is such a joy to listen to when he is in his own world.
Soon, I hope I will be living closer to all of you, so that it will be easier to spend time together.
Love to all my kids, big and small.