Thursday, July 15, 2010

We have a new addition to our family.
Miss Lucy is a one year old boxer female that we received from friends of ours. She is a beautiful, elegant lady. Sweet as can be.
Lucy makes Braxton look like a shlub.
We've had her for a couple of days now and she is fitting in nicely. We have noticed that Lucy is a bit of a talker. She whines and even howls on occasion. It can be a bit disconcerting because I don't always know what she is wanting. I'm hoping it is just a phase because she misses her family.

Braxton adores Lucy. He is constantly giving her kisses and following her around.                         We have noticed that Lucy is somewhat of a bed hog. Shortly after she got here she went over to Braxtons bed, sniffed a few times and sprawled out. Poor Brax just stood next to his bed looking at her like," Where am I gonna sleep".  Sadly we don't have enough room to have two dog beds so they are gonna have to learn to share.

Another issue that we are not used to, is that whenever we are eating Lucy is right there.
See this bowl of crackers in Chelsea's hand?
They didn't last very long.
Chelsea wasn't paying attention and Lucy snuck in and stole some.
I guess we are going to have to change our habits too and make it that all snacks will be eaten at the table and the dogs will have to be outside.

Lucy brings a couple of firsts for us with her.       One is that we have never owned a female before and two she doesn't continue our breed/ name game.
Since Rob and I have been together every dog we have loved has had a name that corresponds to the first letter of their breed.
Chow mix- Chester
Boxer- Brewtus
Boston Terrier- Bubba
Boxer- Braxton
Boxer- Lucy ?!
Of course we would never think of changing her name, even though she doesn't always answer to it. :).
Maybe it's time to start a new tradition.



Anonymous said...

She is a pretty girl...and of course will have to learn some manners. Two top'll be interesting to see how they do. Have to learn to share!!!
Now, onto the kids and snacks...hey Brax did it all the time, if you weren't careful your food disappeared, so now instead of one you have two thieves.

The good thing is Brax has a four legged buddy to hang with.


Ladybug said...

Toooooo cute. Check out my li'l Bailey on my blog!! :-)