Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have you ever gotten sick of looking at your trip photos? We ended up taking over 1000 photos over the 4 day trip.
Yesterday I uploaded both memory cards and then looked at every image and deleted a few that were beyond recognizable.
Today, I have spent the morning going through them all again and writing down what photo #'s I like and then creating albums in Facebook.
I'm tired. I have tried three times to create one more album to finish showing off the photos but Facebook is giving me a fit so I thought I would take a small break.
I think I have recovered from our trip.
The laundry is done and things have been put away. My sunburn is starting to peel, except that it is only peeling on my forehead and nose, not cool.
Here are some of my favorite photos from Sedona and Flagstaff  The kids really enjoyed all the trains that run through Flagstaff. Rob and I really liked the feel of the town. We wished we would have had more time to explore.

This is the inside of our tee pee. It was better than sleeping on the floor but those metal, round beds were not very comfy. We had Rob and Wyatt in one bed, myself, Kelly and Chelsea in another.

We ate at the Galaxy diner our first night. A cool 50's-60's restaurant that we enjoyed.
Our last morning we had breakfast at the Crown Railroad cafe. The restaurant was train themed, with a electric train chugging around, the seats had train themed fabric and the tables were given railroad names, like Georgia Pacific and Santa Fe and the windows even looked out toward the train tracks.
There were trains passing by about every 10-15 minutes.

One recurring theme that Rob and I noticed was that we like to photograph dead trees. Up in northern AZ there are lots of dead trees and in some very interesting places.
Here are some of my favorite photos of the GC
Grand Canyon
Of course there are others but I'm sure no one wants to see hundreds of photos from the same place.
So this is just a quick over view of our trip. Hopefully I'll come back later today and post more in depth detail of our trip. I'll need it later when I go to scrapbook.
** Up close and in detail*
We headed out Thursday morning for Flagstaff and map quest said that the trip would only take 4 hours. That's it? So we knew we could make some detours along the way. Rob did 100% of the driving because if Rob doesn't drive Rob bounces off the walls. Believe me I experienced it once, and once was enough.
So outside Phoenix we stopped at a rest stop to, you know and stretch our legs. Yep that lasted about 5 minutes before we were all ready to climb back in and take off.
Rob took the turn off to Sedona and we meandered our way to the town. The scenery is so green right now and mix that with the reddish rocks it was like seeing glimpses of hidden treasure.
We swung the truck into every "scenic view" spot that we could find and would snap a couple of pictures.
 As we drove through the town, in the distance up against the red mountain is this church so we decide to go investigate. The Church of the Holy Cross sits at the base of the mountain and you walk up this winding ramp to get up into the chapel with the window that looks out across the town. But when you walk back out and walk to the side you see this one elaborate million dollar home that just does not fit the area, but is stunning. I took plenty of pictures of this home and then came home and zillowed the address. Only 1.1 million with 10,000+ sq ft.
Anyway we headed back on the main road through Sedona when we see this little sign for Schnebly Hill Road. Rob asks me if we want to take it and after a split second I say let's go for it.
At first I was a little bit scared because we are on this very bumpy dirt road and no one in sight. Within a few minutes we see a tourist jeep coming toward us. So I know if we get stuck we won't have to hike back out. A few minutes later is another tourist vehicle, then a Hummer touring truck. Then we start to come upon people camping and others out hiking. So basically I start to sit back and enjoy the ride. Poor Rob, every few minutes I would tell him to stop or back up so that I could take a photo. My reasoning is that you never know which photo you take is gonna knock your socks off so take 'em when you see 'em. We stop to grab some lunch out of the cooler and then it was only a few more miles back to the interstate and only a little while later that we came through Flagstaff.
Wyatt and Chelsea both love trains and the railway comes through the middle of town. So every 15 minutes or so one of us was pointing out a train. On Saturday morning we walked around the downtown a bit and Wyatt had the opportunity to stand at the crossing arms and wave to the conductor as the train came by. He was so excited.
Back to Flagstaff, we pulled into the KOA campground and found out where our tee pee was located. Once Rob pulls into the drive we all pretty much dump out of the truck and go check everything out. The tee pee is certainly big enough to house six comfortably and it has a paver floor with a couple of woven grass mats. The restrooms and showers can be seen from our campsite so no real worries there and then off to the left is the playground. This was how we ended our evening besides doing to dinner. The kids were able to have the entire playground to themselves.

Part II Grand Canyon Later

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Anonymous said...

As I have looked over your posts I can only say that...I wish you had had more time. More time to really enjoy the area. For myself, I never got to do any real exploring and seeing these pictures I wish I had.
You all had fun and maybe next time you'll get the chance to have alonger vacation and enjoy more of AZ