Monday, August 16, 2010

It has begun!
First Day of Schooool!
This morning we headed back to school to start 1st and 3rd grade. Saw a lot of classmates from last year and some new faces too.
I'm praying for a great year this year.
Both kids got the teachers that best suit them and were able to meet their teachers and check out the classrooms last Friday.
Kelly and Wyatt have been psyched up all weekend.
This morning both kids were up before 5:30am and dressed just waiting.
As a little something special I took a picture of Wyatt and Kelly together and sent it in to one of the local stations. Every morning they show celebrate pictures and there were plenty of us celebrating the kids going back to school!
The last photo they showed was Wyatt and Kelly and their good luck wishes from Mom, Dad and little sister Chelsea.
Wyatt and Kelly were sooo excited to see themselves on TV! Of course I had to tear up, my babies are getting bigger so fast and they are changing so much that at times I can't keep up.
This monkey <---- will not look at the camera. He was so fidgety this morning that this is about the only picture that is not blurry.
The kids helped pack their lunches and get their stuff ready and were watching the clock just chomping at the bit to go.
Thankfully they still want to go to school :)
This year will be a lot easier because there is only a 15 minute gap between the two grades getting out instead of the hour wait last year.

Of course it's not back to school without new clothes and shoes.
I had the kids lay out their outfits last night so there was no scramble this morning.
We also had to make sure that their back packs and lunch boxes were ready to go too.
For some strange reason Kelly has decided to use her old Dora back pack this year instead of the one she used last year.
Wyatt is finally able to use his backpack that we got him last year. His kindy teacher didn't want them to use backpacks so Wyatt's hung up on his door for the entire school year.

As cheesy as I am I gave the kids instructions that they had to wait for me to get the camera ready before they could take off across the parking lot.
Maybe this year I will experiment with just dropping them off, but I really enjoy talking to other moms and seeing the kids' teachers.

Also this morning I reminded the kids that it being the first day of school what treat do we get?
Dairy Queen!!
Here is to a wonderful school year!

P.S. Chelsea is a little bit lost this morning without the big kids and is getting into a bit of trouble. We are all going to have to find and get into out routines again.


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Anonymous said...

I did not know that you had sent in pics to the tv I missed seeing them.
Another school year and a year older, I look at their pictures and I realize how fast time is passing.
Chelsea is saying so many words and as I just changed her diaper she very politely thanked altogether "ahhhhhh" so precious.

Love to all