Monday, August 16, 2010

Just remember you can click on the picture to make them bigger.
These were taken last night.
What a crazy night for a storm.
I had been home from work for maybe an hour when I heard thunder.
I asked Rob if he was cool with me going out. I really couldn't be long because I still needed to do my work reports and get stuff ready for school in the morning.
So I headed up to the parking lot of our local CVS that sits on a hill looking east. This is one of my first shots. The lightning just kept getting more amazing.

I had to trim a couple of the shots because I had a bit of light flare from the parking lot lights but DANG!
This is one of my absolute favorites!

I was leaving my camera open for about 20-25 seconds and the flashes were fast and furious

So my experience last night- wow.
I ended up having to leave the CVS because my battery went dead and I left my spare on the charger.
I know, I know, don't lecture. :)
When I got to my house, 1/2 mile away it was pouring. So I headed back to CVS and the storm had moved more west and I had to move to a different spot.
I really didn't like the next spot so then I remembered to head back to the hill at Lakeside park. That is where I got these last three beauties.

Can you believe that the local TV station didn't show any of these shots but they showed one of someone elses that was blurry and had power lines showing.
Am I biased, Hell yes!
I posted an album on Facebook with about 45 different shots but these are my favorites.
It looks like I'll be changing or adding some pictures to my walls.
After about and hour though I had to head home. There was a storm coming up from the south, a new storm from the east and the one heading west was petering out. The lightning continued for a couple of more hours with rain here and there, but I had stuff I HAD to get finished and so I enjoyed watching from my living room window as I did my work.
August and September have produced some of my best photos so I'm sure there will be at least one or two more good storms before the season is over.
* Update- a local channel 4 has emailed me that they will be showing my photos tomorrow morning. Cool!
** Received another email today, this time from our local newspaper Arizona Daily Star, wants to publish the second photo in tomorrows paper!!
*** I made the front page! Az Daily Star  and channel 9 news showed photo #3 several times.


Paula Puckett said...

Totally awesome pictures! I love to watch a storm! Especially out over the lake. TFS

**MIGNONNE** said...

Wonderful pictures and congratulations on being published. That is so cool!

Jean said...

Love your photos. Have you looked into selling the photos to the Associated Press? It seems like you are getting a lot of news organizations that are using them, you might as well get paid for it.