Monday, August 23, 2010

Just WOW!
I have had more than 1,000 people see my photo from Tuesday's paper and to all I say a humble thank you.
It was a pretty crazy week last week and I was on a high for most of it.
Couple all of this with the fact that this weekend we are going on our first family vacation and it's my 35th birthday and yowsers I'm tired just thinking and planning.
photo credit

I've been checking out websites, looking at blogs, making notes of all the places I want to photograph. I've learned how to take and stitch a panoramic photo because my biggest hope is to take a panorama of the Grand Canyon.
Our plans are to relax and have fun and explore our awesome state. Knowing me I will be taking a TON of photos and I'm already excited about scrapping them.

With the help from friends and family I have procured lots of copies of last Tuesday's paper. I have a fun photo idea in mind and I'm hoping to execute later this afternoon.
Rob is suggesting that we frame it but I don't know.
I've also been told that I need to set up a portfolio. I'm not that good, but it doesn't hurt to have your favorites printed out.
My mom is setting up a connection with a gentlemen that takes photos for postcards.
I was also told to try and freelance for the local paper.
We will see, I'll leave it all in God's hands and let him direct me.
Here's hoping for another storm tonight. The clouds are building up. Monsoon season is over next month.


KreatesKards said...

AWESOME ... beautiful photo. So excited that it was in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Well kiddo, you continue to amaze me...great picture.
And you know you have such as i use to tell you reach for the stars!