Monday, September 27, 2010

 Since I have so much to cover I'm going to break it into smaller blurbs so as not to overwhelm myself.
This past week has been the busiest we have ever been as parents. In some ways I like that the kids have activities and on the other hand I wonder how long I will last before I'm whining about having no "free" time.
Wyatt and Kelly have both started soccer this past week and their first games are this Saturday. This is gonna be kinda funny. I mean that in the cutest way because neither one of my kids really knows what they are doing. They barely know that in soccer you can't pick up the ball.
I also know that when photographers say you need a fast lens in sports you should listen. My wimpy 75-300 was no match for a feisty Wyatt especially on that cloudy Wednesday evening.
I'm hoping to get some better shots this coming weekend. Kelly's practice was canceled on Wednesday and then she had practice on Friday morning but I didn't get any pictures of her. I'm bad I know. Believe me I will be getting some shots of her.
I'm all excited for the kids and I sincerely hope that they enjoy this soccer season. If either one or both want to continue on playing next season I'll be all for it. By then I should know if it is worth going out and getting the soccer cartridge for my cricut :)
On Thursday we found the Boy Scout store and my little guy got to do some uniform shopping. He was very excited. But then so was Daddy and Grandma.
See once upon a time Grandma was a den mom and did scouts with her older sons, so she still remembers the uniforms and handbooks and such. When we told her that Wyatt had signed up and told her about his pack she offered to buy his uniform. We made a group trek to the store to get him outfitted and so that I could take some pictures. Out of the 4 I took, this one spoke the most.
Rob showed Wyatt how to put on his kerchief and how to put on his tiger cub slide.
When they have their pack meeting tomorrow night I plan to take plenty of pictures.
I can't wait to photograph him in full uniform.
(side note) I didn't take that many photos because Rob, his mom and Wyatt were crammed into this corner and the gentleman trying to help us was in my way, Grandma was acting a little grouchy and was a bit out of patience with everyone. I was also trying to corral Chelsea as she tried to take over the store. Kelly, Kelly was cool and just walked around looking at the different books and patches.

Also I have started to read his tiger cub handbook because I really don't understand the pack/troop thing. Being a girl, I'm used to girl scout troops and how that all works, now I want to understand the world of Boy scouts so that I can be a better part of his experience.
I think I just as excited for Wyatt as Wyatt is about joining.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, its really funny, these two want to play soccer, now I know what its like to want to do something and being unable to afford or have the ability to do it. I decided that if the kids wanted to play, I would make it happen. Now, that the time has come to start, Kelly is not too sure she wants to do this....and my rule was that if we signed you up, you play the season. A hard lesson, but money does not grow on trees and you keep to your promise, or at least to the best of your ability.
it's going to be interesting.....

Love to all