Monday, September 27, 2010

So eight years ago I became a mommy.
My beautiful Kelly turned 8 yesterday and this years theme was Tinkerbell.
In the last couple of years she has really started to ask for Tink t-shirts and movies.
I think that with her party she has almost achieved Tinkerbell overload.
Kelly received a Tink t-shirt, the newest Tinkerbell movie, Tink silly bands, Tink activity book and 3 Tinkerbell books.

We had a grand little party with the family and a couple of Kelly's friends Kiah and Madison.
I made the cake as I'm sure you can tell. I used my cricut cake machine and the Tinkerbell cartridge.
I will say that using the cake machine when it's still in the high 90's in AZ is not easy. Every 30 seconds I would have to put the marshmallow fondant back in the freezer to harden enough to move it without tearing.
But my second try at making Tinkerbell was successful enough that I decided not to try a third time. Thank goodness.

And since I'm rarely in the photos from any of the kids' birthdays I handed my camera to Rob and this is what he caught.

Me and my girl.
I'm so proud of her. I'm so proud of all my kids.
It amazes me how this awesome person came from Rob and myself.
As a parent, I think of how much I think I'm screwing her up but then she visits a friends house or I go to a school conference and I hear how great she is, how smart she is.
I guess we're not doing so bad after all.
Love you baby girl.
8 things about Kelly
1. She likes the color purple
2. A Brownie girl scout
3. a soccer player
4. loves music
5. plays games on my Facebook page
6. has a great imagination
7. she's a bossy first born
8. She is just GREAT!! (cheesy I know)

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Anonymous said...

Ohh, this a good picture of the two of you.
Kelly is so very precious, she has a great sense of humor, is most definitely the oldest child....bossy.
But we love her, she is a very special young lady, and I for one continue to be amazed at these kids...the changes, right before our eyes.
My wish for you Kelly...for you to be healthy and happy. To enjoy every day, have fun, laugh alot and be silly. Happy Birthday, Bug