Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So hanging around the kids school is this beautiful hawk.
Now I know I've talked about him/her before but I haven't been able to get a very good picture until this morning.
I still couldn't zoom in as much as I would have liked but I could see the bird lift it's talon and turn it's head.
This is such a gorgeous bird.
When we pulled into the parking lot the other day the hawk cam soaring across the playground and landed a tree.

Normally he can be found in this half dead eucalyptus. Once in a blue moon his/her mate will be on another limb.
Now that the weather is getting cooler I'll start to see them more.
I wished that I would have been able to hang out longer and get a picture of some wing action but I had Chelsea in the car and I had no clue how long I would be so I fired off these shots on my tripod.
It was so cool to see this bird look around and then down at me.
This haughty stare.
Well don't worry Mr. Bird I will gladly admire you from a distance.

My beautiful birthday present arrived the other day.
Cotton Candy by Natalie
I have wanted this strap, in this fabric for a year now and I was so excited to see and put it on my camera.
What's cool is that it is just a bit longer than the strap I was using and it fits better in my camera bag.
I can't wait to walk around and show off my newest accessory.
It's also made me want to make a couple more in different fabrics for my old strap and just interchange them out.
Since I have no plans on getting rid of my XT anyway. Plus it matches the camera bag I saw on Becky Higgins blog the other day that I would like to get   Missy-pink
I really like the damask interior and can picture a camera strap to match. which I almost got but decided on my cha cha carnival one.

I found a cool how-to on Moda bake shop website that I'm thinking of trying that show how to make camera straps.

I have more exciting kid news coming up this week.
Wyatt starts soccer practice today (hopefully not a rain out) and once we go to the store I'll show you Wyatt and Daddy's new journey. We are all so super excited. But first I have to get some pictures.
It has to do with this <-----

He is gonna look so cute.

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