Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I'm so proud that I live in a country where I can exercise my rights by voting without the fear of being beaten or killed for whom I chose to vote for.
I'm also extremely happy that the election is now over and all those darn political ads are done.
The ads are the worst.
Tell me who you are and what you stand for. I would also like to hear what your plans are for my city and state.
I get really tired of the bashing.
Yesterday Kelly asked me who I voted for. When I mentioned one name she started to quote the tv ad! The kid is 8! I had to explain to her that sometimes people lie about another person so that it makes them look better and that you can't believe everything you hear.
While I'm thrilled she is interested in the election process and wanted to cast her own vote, I now see how anybody could be misled if they believed everything they saw on tv.

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Anonymous said...

HEY, I feel cheated...I didn't get a sticker. Now, that could be becasue I didn't get to the polls until later in the evening, But Still!!!!!

You know, my mom always told me " believe about half of what you read and about a fourth of what someone tells you" sad isn't it. There were such smear campaigns this year, and they seem to get worse every year, but then that is one of our constitutional rights...freedom of speech, but with that comes responsibility, at least thats what I believe. To take a sentence from a speech and twist and turn it is just wrong. I spent more time researching speeches and tracking down unsubstantuated slander, it wasn't funny. Of course I love doing research...really i do. So that wasn't a heartache, still, as future generations learn more and more about our voting privileges, they need to understand that sometimes people lie to further their careers then caring about telling the truth....Now That Is Sad.
Still, I'm glad Kelly is learning these things...never believe everything you hear, a good lesson to be learned and something that will teach her to verify everything.