Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On Monday Kelly and I had our Brownie Re dedication and Investiture Ceremony.
Our troop has 20 girls in it and trying to organize everyone was pretty fun and chaotic.
I had the job of getting the 2nd year Brownies to put on a short play and then later on we did the re-dedication ceremony. It was all pretty easy for the girls and I hope they enjoyed it, because the older girls did a great job. This above photo, and all the rest, were taken by Rob, the evenings photographer.

I actually had to look at this shot twice before I caught Kelly's expression.
Here Lynn and I are with our girls getting them ready with last minute instructions.

The play actually went a little quicker than planned because a couple of the girls got so excited with their memorization that they threw everyone off and a couple of other lines were skipped.
No worries. The first year brownies put on a little cheer about what it means to be a brownie after they were given their Brownie pins and then the older girls and myself did a little ditty about what each of the GS Laws means to them.

We arranged this whole thing in such a short amount of time that I made sure all the girls had a copy of what they were to say.
I was also pinned that night. Not in a dirty way...get your mind out of the gutter.
I received my GS pin for being a co-leader of the troop.
At one part of the ceremony Lynn talked about mentoring me so that I can become the Junior troop leader next year when Kelly moves up.
Rob and I looked at each other like, no way Jose! I'll be happy to stay as the co leader and help out but not sure I want to put myself out there to lead a troop.
This weekend is the El Tour bike race and we are gearing up and getting ready to go. Wyatt will work with the boy scouts from 8:30 to 10:30 with Grandma. Kelly and I will see Rob off the starting line and then we head up to our aid station to work until Rob passes through around 1 ish. Then my mom will have kept Chels overnight and once I call her will meet us at the finish line to cheer Rob through. PHEW!! 
It looks to be a crazy packed day but I'm really excited for Rob. I'm also proud of our kids and all that they will do to help the bicyclists out.
Tons of pictures from that to come soon.

I've also been working on some ornaments that I'm doing with friends from church called the Advent Jesse Tree. It looks like today I will get the hangers on and then I will be able to package them up to hand out Friday night. I'll show pictures when I get the complete set.
Then I just have to order the book to do the devotionals with the kids each morning leading up to Christmas. I'll give more details when I find them out.

The kids have half days this week due to conferences, which both of the kids' meeting are tonight, so I'm trying to get most of my stuff done and out of the way before they get home.
You know how it can be when the kids get home and short term chaos can ensue, especially since this is out of their routines.

Back to finishing off the ornaments.

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