Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 I'll start by saying that, as I hang my head in shame, that I didn't take any pictures of the present that I made my brother and sister in law. Scandalous I know.

Since I feel that every post should have a picture I took these early this morning for your viewing pleasure.
Now my brother and sister in law (sil) are kinda hard to buy for and since my sil expected, sort of, something crafty I couldn't disappoint.
First quick back story...on Tuesday night we went to Winterhaven, on the ride up there my mom asked if we were done shopping. I said yes rather proudly. Then my mom asked if I had gotten anything for M&A.
I literally let out a gasp, I could have sworn I had gotten them a couple of gift cards but I actually had completely forgotten!
So the next day I ran to the store and spent time agonizing over what gift cards to get them.
As I circled around the gift card displays I came up with a creative way to give them their cards that didn't scream, "I don't know what you want so here is a gift card".
I went to my gypsy and designed some images to cut out for the next morning, aka Christmas EVE! and the day we are to exchange presents.
The next morning I began cutting and gluing.
Thank you to Cricut search for images and ease of finding what I was looking for.
Anyway, I had a rough idea to make an 8x8 chipboard book and each page would have a gift card.
The front page was a picture of  a couple sitting at a table for the cricut cart Sweethearts. The other side was two tickets that offered free babysitting either day or overnight. The next page was of a bowl with a fork of pasta and the word pasta all cut from the From my kitchen cart. On the page was a card to Olive Garden, one of their favorite places. The next page was a film strip and some popcorn, this was thanks to Mickey and Friends cart and Carousel cart. One that page was a gift card to fandango. One the last page was some trees with snow on them and writing a merry Christmas note from us.
It was all as simple as it sounds and it took me 3 hours to do. I'm slow I know. I punched the pages with my cropadile since I wasn't getting my Cinch until the next day. Thankfully I went in search of jump rings before I made the holes because I could only find 1 jump ring! No worries it came out cute and was very appreciated. Unless they didn't like it in which case they hide it extremely well :)
There you have it, my crafty gift to my bro and sil.
I promise next years will be much better.

PS- the pictures were inspired by the latest contest that Pioneer Woman was doing with bokeh. I thought I would give it a try.

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