Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Yesterday I finally mailed out my Christmas cards.
I only did a few this year. My plan was to have about 60 done but I had some cuttlebug issues and got generally frustrated so I took the ones i had finished and called it good.

Last night we loaded up in Grandma Ross' van and went to Winterhaven to see the lights.
The festival of lights has been going on for some 40+ years and this year almost didn't happen.
You see with the economic downturn there wasn't any funding for the lights.
Well let me back up a bit.
There is a neighborhood here in Tucson that every year most of the houses decorated for the Holiday season.
Now some do more than others and not everything is Christmas, there are a few Jewish/Hanukkah decorated homes too.
There is this one house that has gone all out with lights, water feature and music. It is one of the big highlights on the walk. I could stand there for hours.
Crud, I'm going off on a tangent.
These homes with the help of Tucson Electric and other companies helps the homeowners with the light bills and setting up the lights.
The community food bank is also there collecting food and money as part of an "entrance fee" if you are inclined to help out.
In the last dozen years or so you now have mule/horse drawn wagons that can take you around. I don't know the cost because we prefer the walk.
Now a few times during the season you can drive your car through but that's not much fun too us.
While some of the homes remind you of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation there are these few gems that if your not looking you could pass by.
Namely, Fragile (frag-eee-lei) and the leg lamp here.
The whole rest of the house was dark except this one window.

Now I've told Rob over the last couple of years that I would love to have a tacky pink flamingo in the yard, Rob of course says no way. It doesn't have to be totally visible, it could peek out from behind the bushes.
It's just one of those crazy things that makes me smile.
Now we saw quite a few of these light up flamingos on our walk and I just had to rib Rob over it. Who knows maybe in the spring I can sneak one into the yard and mess with my man. hehehehe

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Anonymous said...

It has been years since I did Winterhaven, and i'm sorry that I did. I danced with the kids, ohhed and ahhd over decorations. But, like Carrie I loved the house with the water, to take the time and effort to sinc all of the music to water and lights...well it was just perfect. Not to mention the flying cows, flamingo's and of course disney. All in all it made my highlights for the month.
I love Christmas, I wish all of those near and far a "VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Love to all

Nina, (aka Ma, Yvonne, Vonnie) whichever you call me,

Lots of love