Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As I was typing yesterday's post I was informed by blogger that I was at my capacity of 1G of photos... really?
How could I ever continue to blog without pictures?
Google generously offered me 20G a year at the price of $5 a year. Why not?.
So back for your pleasure are my amazing photos *not*, lol
Saturday evening Rob and I went to a local nursery looking for pots for our orchids. I, of course, wanted to take pictures of whatever flowers were in bloom. The sun was getting lower in the sky which made for some beautiful glow on the flower petals.
It seems blogger is still miffed at me. I just tried to upload a few more photos and it's not even opening up to look on my computer. Bad blogger.

Tonight is the memorial service for Saturday's victims, President Obama is on his way to Tucson to speak at McKale Center at the University of Arizona. People have been lining up since 1am last night because only 14,000 people can fit into McKale and it's first come first served. The rest of us will watch it on the local news tonight.
I sincerely hope that after tonight everything starts to die down, the national media will pack up and go home.
I know the debate will rage on and I hope it can bring some productive talk, not finger pointing and blame.
Congresswoman Giffords is doing very well, she is off the ventilator and is responding to commands. For this I am grateful.
If Giffords recovery is as amazing as its starting out to be and she has the power of thought, organization and speech, as I'm still praying for, I wonder what she will have to say. Will she become an advocate for stronger gun control, will she fight more for people with disabilities? Will she fight for survivor's rights?
I wish I could know her thoughts. I guess I envision a female Jim Brady (from President Reagan's assassination attempt) who with his wife became more of an activist.
I'll update as I learn


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