Monday, January 17, 2011

Wednesday of last week the morning dawned like this, liquid gold across our eastern sky.
It amazes me the beauty that is our world, and that no matter how hard I try to capture it I cannot do it justice.
Sometimes I skip the camera and just sit back say, thank you to the heavens and enjoy.
Actually we have had quite a few mornings with beautiful sunrises this week and yet I choose to sit in my warm home and watch out my living room window.

I have purposely stayed away from my blog the last few days because I didn't want to finish what I started about the Tucson shootings.
Wednesday night was the public memorial service, while it wasn't what a lot of people expected, and that's Tucson for you, it brought tears, cheers and comfort for myself and so many others.
All the deceased have been laid to rest privately with their loved ones surrounding them and the congresswoman continues to improve.
And yet the news media is still camped out on our doorstep. There have been TV programs thrown together telling about the congresswoman's marriage and their "love story". There have been reports about how Tucsonan's can heal and move on.
How about you just leave us alone?
I cringe almost every time I hear a national news channel mention the name Tucson.
I will be honest and say I have not watched any of these programs and I might be in the minority when I say I want the media to go away.
I hate having our way of life critiqued and criticized. Are there things that can be learned from these horrible events? Yes, most definitely.
I'm going to move on from this topic. I need to focus on the beauty that is my town.

Which leads me to one of my resolutions this year, I want to photograph things that are synonymous with Tucson. I want to compile all of these photos into a photobook for my family that live here and away.
I started to make my list and now I need to make the time to go out a photograph it.

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