Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy belated Easter!
We had a very low key Easter this year. Very low key.
We didn't even try to take a family photo and Chelsea was in her usual wild child mode.
We were so low key that this year I couldn't find the kids' Easter baskets and we didn't dye the eggs until Monday.
I can't seem to balance all the activities that are going on. I know I just need to prioritize and use my time management wisely but really, how many of us truly do that?
I did manage to get some new head shots of each of the kiddos but even that was a hassle.
This young man still won't look at the camera. Wyatt looks every where BUT toward the camera.
My super sensitive boy, my drama king.
** Mama's note** Wyatt has started to use deodorant. I swear he stinks within hours of taking a shower, kind of like his daddy if he doesn't use deodorant.

We are going to let Wyatt grow his hair back out. I miss his curls and I'm wondering how it will look longer. If Wyatt doesn't like it I'll get it cut short again.

Over the last few weeks all the kids have been sick, last week Wyatt had double pink eye, the week before Chelsea had a double ear infection and we found out yesterday that Kelly has a double ear infection.
Kelly, not always the most willing model, but then what kid really is, but she loves to see the photos that I've taken of her.
I'm thinking this will be the last year we make her wear a fancy dress. She will be dressed up just not made to wear a dress just for Easter.
Kelly is very much the big sister, bossy, helpful, attitude queen.
We are working through some new hormonal issues but lately seem to be on a more even keel.
God help us when we start PMSing.
Rob has threatened to move to moms during that time.
Last but certainly not least is Chelsea. Lord this girl was a handful Easter Sunday. I chased her down, I cajoled, begged and even threatened trying to get her to sit or stand still for a minute just to get a decent picture.
We frequently hear how cute or adorable she is but thankfully most people know how strong willed and obstinate she can be. On the brighter side Chelsea is learning by leaps and bounds, her colors, alphabet and numbers.
We are even doing well in potty training.

One quick note, see this balloon?
In less than 30 seconds, once I had turned around and my back was to Wyatt, this monster balloon popped.
It sounded like a gun shot...
and I jumped a good foot in the air.
Scared me half to death.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Easter was nice this year...what are you talking about.
Church, nice lunch with us and then a quiet evening. Very nice!

It's nice seeing the kids change from year to year. They have changes alot this last year, kelly is going to be 9...Wyatt is going to be 7 and Miss Chelsea will be 3. Honestly, where in the heck is the time going, there is a song from long ago about turning around and a lot of time has passed...well thats how i feel sometimes.
Have a nice weekend everyone