Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another school year has come to a close and part of me is very happy but another part of me already  ready to string them up. The fighting and yelling and wanting to do absolutely nothing has commenced.
We will be tackling that problem later today.

Congrats to both Kelly and Wyatt for getting High Honor Roll in their classes.
We already know for next year that Kelly will have Ms. Lux but we are wondering who Wyatt will have for his second grade teacher.

 Now it has become tradition for me to do a couple of things. One is to take a first and last day of school photo and second is to take a photo of each kid with their teacher.
Well this year I really blew it.
I'll preface it by saying I'm still learning how to use my camera.
Yeah that's true at least.
The setting for the kids' ceremonies were in the shade and the kids' backdrop was in full sun.
A tricky lighting situation that I have not mastered yet.
Wait, yes I kind of have, I just panicked and forgot

what to do.
So the first few shots of Kelly she are dark, then I remembered to use the flash and I changed other settings, but then I  forgot to change the setting back. I completely blew out the picture of Kelly and her teacher.
Then I decided to take Wyatt's picture with his teacher on the last day thinking it would be easier.
I should have listened to my gut.
Wyatt threw up during the night Wednesday and didn't tell us until Kelly went into his room and saw the chunkage.
Yes, I'm sorry but I said chunkage.
It was mentioned at the assembly that several students whom have had perfect attendance were
out sick with a stomach bug.
One of those students are Wyatt's friend and the other is his brother. Go figure.
We kept Wyatt home on the last day of school and I didn't get his picture with his teacher.
BUT, I got a story to tell and a photo of my sick boy on the couch.
That will go into his school album.
Also, Wyatt was just fine once we got home from dropping Kelly off. He complained that his stomach hurt and I think that is from his hurling his guts out.

Now as I'm writing this the kids are getting ready for me to take their end of the school year head shot.
It amazes me how much they change during the year.


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Anonymous said...

i have to say that I'm very proud of both Kelly and Wyatt. Kelly is carrying a 3.8 average....not to shabby kiddo. Though I don't have Wyatt's stats, I'm quite sure that they are also up there..sooo here's a congratulations to two of my favorite young people, I am so very proud of you both.