Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Yet

So we've been doing a lot of this since I stopped working and I will say we are doing a fairly good job with it.
The one thing that I want to document from this training time is Chelsea's habit of saying,"not yet".
We go in and get her situated and sometimes she'll pat the side of the tub and and tell me to sit down.
This directive can be said one of two ways; one is to say, sit down mommy or two is to say, have a seat there.
After hearing her do her business I'll ask her if she is done and almost always her answer is,"not yet".
Now this can go on for about five minutes before I'm done waiting and want to leave the bathroom.
Sometimes when she says, not yet, it can be in a sweet sing song voice and sometimes if I have asked one to many times she will growl it at me.
Lately she has taken a cue from her big sister and wants to bring a book in with her. I have found that this is not always effective because she won't go until she is done "reading"it.
I have begun to leave her alone in the bathroom, dangerous I know, and I'll pass by frequently to check on her and ask the question, "are you done?"
I just love to hear her say, not yet.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute, then that is exactly what she is.
While you were working and Rob, Kelly and Whyatt went to Mr. Marty's, I decided to take care of errands with Ms. Chelsea.
Of course I insist on her going potty....Nina, sit down, and so i sit on the side of the tub, we talk, laugh (I love her giggles!!) and after several minutes of waiting i ask her if she's done yet...she informs me in this very adult voice "Nina, I'm going poo poo, you have to wait" so indeed i waited, for her to then proudly show me her business.
I laugh at this, and then realize that it will not be long, that she won't want me in the bathroom with her....that she won't need me, well in that way, anyways.
Time goes by so very fast, hard to believe that she will be three here very shortly.
Good times, very good memories that I can hold onto and laugh or tease her about later......

Have a great day