Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On Monday a little someone turned 3.
Yep, we have entered the next phase of the terrible two's called the terrifying three's. You know, where your child starts to think that they can do just about anything and have no fear?
This is the year where potty training will be completed, she will get better at getting on and off her clothes, she will walk beside me and not take off in stores ( I can hope right?).
We celebrated this momentous occasion on Sunday afternoon with some friends and family.
The birthday princess could hardly wait.
This was the year where she fully understands that this party is for her and that she will be getting cupcakes and presents.
She is the star of the show.

Getting Chelsea to pose at her party table and not eat and of the cupcakes was a challenge and we, meaning Rob and myself had to be on constant vigil to make sure the chocolate stayed on the cupcakes, along with the Hello Kitty candy toppers.

As presents began coming in Chelsea tried her darnedest to start opening, finally I put up a table to put the gifts on that made it slightly harder for her to start digging into.

Having everyone singing Happy Birthday just lit her
up and Chels got such a kick out of it.
Blowing out the candle this year was an easy feat and she did it so fast that I made her do it again because I missed taking the picture!
Chelsea sure didn't mind blowing out the candle again as I clicked away.

At the party we offered funfetti cupcakes with milk chocolate icing and an ice cream sundae bar with plenty of toppings.

Afterwards we played with and tried on some of our gifts. Seen here Chelsea is sporting a new princess pajama set complete with Ariel gloves and matching purse. The pink boa tiara sparkles atop Chelsea's freshly washed hair and adorning her cute feet are a pair of shimmer flower Dora sandals, that she tried to go to bed wearing, and no outfit is complete with out jewelry. Chelsea has chosen to wear a Hello Kitty necklace along with a strand of pink pearls to complete her ensemble, her princess wand was noticeably absent for this picture but rest assured it was close by.
Actually, Chelsea spent most of the day waving around one of two wands and instead of saying abracadabra she would say, magic, magic, magic!

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Anonymous said...

Our little girl is growing up...and fast! She demands to do things herself and is usually able to get it done.
I look at this first picture and it brings tears to my eyes, she is just so darn cute, she is a girlie girl, and to see her walking around in heels and without a problem I might add, just blew me away.
So Ms. Chelsea, I hope this new year brings lots of nice things your way. Potty training is a must, continuing to explore and learn is a necessity, one i know you love to do. Soooo, let the terrifying three's begin or maybe continue, I not sure which it is for you.

Love you sweetheart