Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I remember lamenting that the kids might have another boring summer.
Yeah well, I changed my mind.
In the last few weeks they have swam in three different people's pools, gone to a water park and went bowling. We have another pool party to go to this month for Kelly and the girls scouts and maybe horseback riding for Wyatt and the boy scouts.
This past weekend was a family picnic for the boy scouts at Brandi Fenton Park.
My kids had a great time except Chelsea. Chels

wasn't too sure about all the water and kept going in and out of the area. Thankfully there was a playground right beside the water park and she played there on and off.
Afterward we picked up lunch and then we had a bowling date for Kelly and scouts.
Rob, Wyatt and Chelsea bowled beside us.
I know this isn't the most flattering picture but this is what I saw.
Chelsea quickly lost interest in the bowling so Rob finished out her game for her.
Kelly had a nice time hanging with the girls and even got a cute patch for it.
Me, I just hung out. I pulled a muscle a few months ago when I was helping Rob dig up our garden. I still can't pick up heavy items with my right arm and I knew there was no way I could swing a ball.

To recap more of our summer we've been watching netflix and finding all these great TV shows that we don't have time to watch during the season or we don't get the channel with just an antenna. We have caught season 1 of Glee, Drop Dead Diva, Hot in Cleveland and Ghost Adventures. Awesome, funny and terrific shows. Since we no longer have cable this has been great and I love the fact that there are no commercials.

Sometimes during the day, like now, I will have the Pandora radio playing on the computer as I surf the net. I love the ability to pick an artist and get a variety channel with all my similarly favorite songs and artists.

I'm getting ready to have some photos printed and I'm excited to get some scrappin done. I really need to get some PAGES done. I have started a list of must get done pages like almost all the kids' birthdays and holidays. That should keep me busy for a while and would help in the theme paper and embellishment shopping. Heck, I've already been thinking about making Christmas cards. I just need to make the time and buckle down. Since I no longer have a room I make it more complicated because then I have to dig to find some of my stuff because it could be in about four different places in our house.
Last week I finally started on the kids school albums but now I need to order more page protectors. I will have the books ready up to fifth grade and then I plan to switch the paper theme to something more grown up looking.

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Anonymous said...

you know...the kids are doing pretty good, I think the mom is the one having the hard time. I don't hear "I'm bored" so you must be doing something right. Oh, and can you believe there are only a few weeks before they go back? I know you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief, but its another year gone by, another year...yeesh time goes by fast.
My mom use to say that as you got older time passed by faster...yeh, right mom. And how is that possible, well I'm here to tell you that she was right. Time seems to fly by, with all the business, and just life in general, I seriously can't seem to stay caught up. And the kids seem to change from day to day, whats that all about? ahhh, well. I guess there are no easy answers, so " seize the moment" enjoy this time, even if at the end of the day you want to pull your hair out.

Love to all
ma, aka nina