Monday, August 15, 2011

  Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Mom that I'm not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my shoes tied tight, I hope I don't get in a fight. Ohhhh, back to school. Back to school. Back to school.
I'm slightly paraphrasing but this little song from Adam Sandlers movie "Billy Madison" has been running through my mind today because...
It's the first day of school!!
We have our lovely Kelly, who lost a tooth yesterday and started the 4th grade today, yeah!
Another little update on Kelly, last week she came home from grandma's house and her and Wyatt went to her room. When she came out a little while later I noticed something was different and it took me about 5 seconds to realize that she had chopped off her bangs almost to her scalp! To say I freaked would be an understatement. I just kept saying to her over and over. "What did you do?"
Rob kept saying it will grow back but why would she do this? The girl is almost 9 years old and has NEVER done this before, why now?
Anyway, now we move onto Wyatt, in the last week he has lost both his bottom teeth and now a top one is wiggly. I guess he is making up for lost time.
What is really funny is hearing his talk and seeing him push his tongue through the gap. It's comical.
Our dear Wyatt is entering the second grade and has one of Kelly's old teachers, Mrs. Herrera, formerly Ms. Murray.
Wyatt also cut some of his hair off that fateful afternoon but since he barely took anything off his bangs it took me a day to notice it.
All the rug rats were excited for the day to begin and were ready for school 20 minutes early. Yeah, I don't see that happening very often.

Before I would let the kids eat their breakfast I took them out front for our annual first day of school shots and head shots. Thankfully they're both good sports and didn't 'put up any fussing.
Chelsea of course did not want to be left out of the photo fun so I snapped a couple of pictures of her still in her jammies. Chelsea is getting so big and the interesting things that are coming out of her mouth can make me giggle. This afternoon I asked her to use the potty before we went to pick up the kids, she kept saying that she had already gone. Chelsea finally said to me, "Mom you gotta trust me."
I love this little tyrant. She is so fiercely independent and trying so hard to be a bigger girl.

We have survived our first day and both kids agree it went well. I think Wyatt was a bit stressed more than he let on because when I asked how his day went he told me about the bad dream he had last night where I was really huge and I ate him. Sigh...
Wyatt then proceeded to start bawling. Poor little guy, he has frequent bad dreams like I did when I was his age.

Besides being the first day of school there were other changes made to our household today...but I'll post about that tomorrow.

To top off our day we followed tradition and went to Dairy Queen after dinner. I'm still feeling the effects of the nutter butter blizzard I had. Wow.
I think I'll be heading to bed just shortly, I didn't sleep well myself last night. I still get excited too.

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Anonymous said...

How I love my grandchildren...they never bore me, in fact if your not real careful they will change right before your eyes.
Kelly with her big sister act down pat. Wyatt with his soft heart, but never too old to want that hug and special attention. And then there is Ms. Chelsea....what a character, 3 going on 10. Wants soo hard to be able to do the things her older brother and sister do and not quite up to it yet. But, I'm here to tell you, she is going to be a fighter, she is going to want to succeed to prove to all that she can do and see.

Another year has gone by, kids are getting smarter and come up with some of the darndest things. I do love what Chels said to you, "trust" a very important institution, and to hear a 3 year old, 3! take care daughter, she is out to change the world.

Love to you, Nina loves you dearly