Tuesday, August 16, 2011

*Warning* This is only a test *Warning*

A test that I for one hope works out.
The girls are now in bunk beds and sharing a room.
Scary I know but some of my reasoning is that they play with the same toys; LPS, my little pony, stuffed animals, dress up. So instead of them fighting over the pieces we will merge them.
Sounds good right?
We are giving this experiment 6 months. If by tax season they are continuously at each others throats then Chelsea will go back to what was once my scraproom.
Also Chelsea really didn't like to play in her room because it was so far from everyone else.
But if it doesn't work then the bottom bunk actually rolls so we would roll Chelsea back and move Kelly's desk under there.
Which in a twisted way I think is a cool idea, but I would really like to see the girls bond more.
Only time will tell.
So far the only down side is that Chelsea keeps climbing up to Kelly's bunk and you know Kelly doesn't want that so we are working on teaching Chelsea about space.
So what are we going to do with the spare room? What do you think? ;)
But what if this test doesn't work?
Then the plan is to take some tax money and enclose our carport and make it our scrap/drum room.
For right now I'm happy to get my house more organized and to get all my scrappy stuff back in one spot. I have boxes, bins and bags in my bedroom, hallway and kitchen/dining area.
It's driving us all nuts.
I even took graph paper and mapped out the room to see if I can move it around some. My plan is to move my big Expedit to the west wall and bring in a farm table and then take a run up to IKEA to purchase Antonius. I want to use this for my color drawers. I hope it will work but I really won't know until I get to the store and check it out.
Also on my trip to IKEA I hope to pick up a desk and chair for Wyatt and some other handy dandy things for around the house.
I wish IKEA was closer but I'm willing to head to Phoenix for some shopping therapy, and to also visit my favorite scrap store Scrapbooks etc. and Hobby Lobby too.
Now I just need to save up the money to get it all.


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Anonymous said...

I for one hope this works out, but i still say do the extra room. The house needs to expand. Talked to mikey and he is a go for helping, think of the fun you could have designing this room.....yeehaw!!!

I also hope the girls do bond more, for the most part they do pretty good. But its a fact that there are 6 years difference in their ages....so there are going to be problems, but C. so loves her big sister.

My prayers be with the girls and with both you and Rob during this transition stage......so when are we going to Phoenix....can i go????

Love you all