Wednesday, October 19, 2011

At Kelly's last dental check up the dentist said that two of her molars one on either side were loose.
This is Kelly code for, let me rip out my teeth to get money.
So she wiggled, and wiggled some more and on Monday night handed me a tooth.
Well, Monday night was also girls scouts and we forgot about the tooth until the next morning.
Last night I walked into the kitchen and Kelly is at the sink with a bloody napkin.
"Did you pull out that other tooth", I ask
"uh huh, now I get two dollars", she says with a big ol' smile
So last night I'm doing my tooth fairy duties, which I find harder to do, due to the fact that she now sleeps on the top bunk.
I finally locate the baggie with the teeth and find a note in it.
Dear Tooth Fairy,
Can I please have two movies?
Love, Kelly
Thanks to Grandma Ross when each tooth has come out she would buy a cheap movie and sneak it over. I warned her this wasn't wise but I must respect my elders. When Wyatt lost his tooth last week he got a movie. Anyway I saw this note and froze. I didn't have any movies and it was too late to call Grandma, so I did what any crafty mom would do. I went to my scrap room grabbed a piece of pretty paper, wrote in a loopy script that I owed her two movies and signed it, the tooth fairy.
She was so excited this morning when she found the note and the money. I made sure after I dropped the kids off at school to call Grandma and let her know, so if she didn't want to buy two movies I would go out and buy the second.
Now I'm sure your amazed that my 9yr old still believes in the tooth fairy, but no one has ruined that one for her and I haven't been caught yet so we'll keep going until the jig is up. I find it kind of cool.
I'll have to get their thoughts on Santa, hmm....

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Anonymous said...

You've got to admit the kid is one determined kid...she has a goal and goes for it, and it seems money is one of her pet projects. I guess last night at Target I should have gotten her that movie, BUT that wouldn't have been from the tooth fairy. I'm really glad tha she hasn't learned that TF is in fact a fairy tale. Its hard enough without taking everything away from our kids.