Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wyatt lost another tooth and things kids say

Last Thursday I pulled out Wyatts top tooth!!
It has been a bit wiggly and he was working at getting it out at lunch time.
When I asked him if I could wiggle it I noticed that it was loose side to side and just needed a tug.
I asked Wyatt if I could pull it and he said yes.
I grabbed a napkin, grabbed the tooth and gently as possible, tugged.
It popped right out.
Wyatt was giggling he was so excited.
The tooth fairy brought him a dollar and a movie.
Lucky kid, all I used to get was $.50.
Now Wyatt has a hole on one side where the top and bottom teeth are missing. I'm just loving how he talks now, instead of saying Pizza it comes out Pisa. The TH's are coming out kind of funny too. It's just so darn cute.
We're heading to the dentist on the 28th for his cleaning and we'll see how what the doctor says.

Chelsea has a colorful vocabulary herself lately and not all of it is good.
Pajamas are Fajamas, everytime we hear a fire truck she yells that somebody needs help.
Oh and it has become the norm for her to tell me that she hates me.
Oh yeah and she says stupid and Ug-a-ly when she gets mad at anyone.
The more colorful words that we are trying to break her of is, dammit and once in a blue moon I have caught her saying fu**ing sh*t. Yep, she said it a few minutes ago when she was in the hallway trying to reach a movie she wanted to watch. I lit into her little butt and threatened to wash her mouth out with soap.
I'm not sure where she got that one because I don't use the f-word.


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