Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ok, this is my bathtub right this minute.
Crazy huh?
My back is going to be killing me by the end of the day as I work to peel off the labels.
After the labels are off then I scrap all the residue glue off and then give them a regular wash to get the goo gone off.
Then they will be ready for decorating!
If I stay true to my to-do list I will be cutting out vinyl to put on some of the bottles.
Some bottles will be set aside for table scape decorations, maybe spray painted, maybe glittered, and some will be used to become tiki torches. I will keep updating as I go.
Now I'm off to start scraping. I think I will start with the ones soaking in the kitchen sink first.

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Anonymous said...

oohhhh the ideas! My mind has been racing after we talked last night.
I think your one the right track and honestly, people in business are willing to pay a decent price for things like this....they don't have the time but they like the ideas, so go with it.