Thursday, April 26, 2012

This week is National Park week and we got into Saguaro Park East for free.
Now, I have lived here for almost 20 yrs and for the second time I was able to see a Gila moster in the wild. I didn't get out of our truck because one, he is crossing the road and he stopped when I stopped the truck and two, I had cyclists and cars coming up behind me. So I snapped off a few quick shots before driving on.
Come to find out it is mating season for these guys so I'm tempted to go out again tomorrow morning.

We finished off our day by the whole family going
the fair.
I just realized that I didn't take a single photo of all of us as we wandered around. I have also realized that I haven't taken any pictures of my dad this week either. Now that I know I'll get crackin' on it.
Back to the fair... the kids had done a fun house, the big slide, when Wyatt asked to do the zip line...wha? The zip line?
Wyatt and Kelly got strapped in and off they went. I was both proud and amazed at my children. Once down Wyatt asked to go again and since it was only $2 more Rob and I said yes. Now Wyatt is 
asking to have a zip line at his birthday.
I would have never thought Wyatt would want to do something like this and yet so proud of him to overcoming his bit of fear just before he stepped off that edge. Way to go Wyatt and Kelly!
Of course no trip to the fair would be complete without my annual try at photographing the Ferris wheel. Due to all the kids we really didn't get much camera time but I got a couple of shots. We keep saying how we need to come alone one night but have yet to do so. I suggested that we come during the day and let the kids go nuts on rides. Then as evening approaches the kids all leave with Nina and us adults can ride the rides and take pictures, also mom has no interest in riding the rides.
That was another thing, I really wished I knew how to take good night shots of moving objects. All of my action photos of the kids are blurry. Also for next year I want to bring way more money. It gets so frustrating to hear your kids complain because they can't buy this and that and can't play all the games or ride all the rides. Yeesh. I know overall they had a good time and I understand their want to have souvenirs and prizes. We plan to be better prepared next year.
This weekend is on the crazy schedule side. Tomorrow we plan on going to the zoo and Saturday will be insane. Rob and mom are doing the bicycle ride, Tour of the Tucson Mt's, then we have the GS awards ceremony and then most of the adults are going to the dirt track races. Exhausting...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes you just have to do something, anything to jump start yourself, then everything else is just gravy.
That is what this month has been for me. I'm just trying to jump start myself and get back on the creative bandwagon. April has been a crazy month; I quit my job a week before tax season was over, Easter, we broke the A/C in our truck, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, Kelly fractured her wrist and Chelsea broke her glasses, I got strep throat and my Dad is here from Michigan for a visit and we are trying to refi the house... I know there is more but that's what comes to mind at first.
I'm not sure if I'll explain it all out but this has at least given me a reason to get back on my blog. I've been home for about 3 weeks now and at first, it was I would blog once I had gotten the house cleaned up, then I got sick and as I lay on the couch exhausted I would think of all the things I could blog about but was too tired to do. This morning I'm feeling good, I have a daily to do list made and I told myself no more excuses.
This is a start.
A quick picture of the kids on Easter. I've been trying to let go of some of the control and just let them be goofy in pictures, one day I will have great black mail material.
As of today, Kelly's wrist is healed. Kelly was at school, playing soccer, got tripped and fell with her wrist hitting on a rock. At first we thought it was badly bruised but after a couple of days her and daddy were playing around, he grabbed her arm and she dropped to the floor bawling, we knew something was off. Took her to the doctor, got xrays and it was a small break and thankfully the bones were lined up, she just had to wear a splint for 3 weeks. The latest xrays show the bones healing nicely and just to be careful the next couple of weeks.
I'll continue to fill in as I get back up to speed but I have some things I need to get done today.