Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Four years ago today I was laying on the couch watching Cars with the family when my water broke. We had no idea whether you were a boy or girl and now that the time had come, I was excited to find out.
As crazy as it may sound, I giggled as I was prepped for my c-section, once I was numb anyway. I felt the tugs and heard the doctor say, "it's a girl!"
Oh what a girl you are.
For your 4th birthday you received 9 new dresses. You prefer dresses to pretty much anything else. You can be the pickiest, most stubborn child.
Your favorites right now are My little Pony, which we got you 5 of the 6 for your birthday, we've gone back twice to get the 6th but the store is out. Lets see, Barbie movies, any of them, Disney Princesses, nightgowns, jewelry and tiaras.

Chelsea has now graduated out of the church nursery and into junior church with her brother and sister, God help them all. LOL
The Thursday before her birthday party Chelsea got a horrible case of the flu and I wondered if we should cancel her party. By Saturday her fever was gone and we had a blast with the family. That night though,
Wyatt and I got the flu. Wyatt rebounded better than I have but I think I'm finally feeling better. I just pray no one else in the family gets it. I would feel horrible.

Chelsea, you don't like to eat dinner at dinner time or you don't like what I make, you like pizza crust but not the pizza. We are trying to break your habit of BURPING every time you drink anything. You love Cheetos and are crazy for dum dum suckers. You also like bananas, cheese sticks, and grapes.
I love to listen to Chelsea sing in the car, she seems to have Adele nailed in the chorus of Rumor has it and Katy Perry in Firework.
This will be our last year hanging out at home together while the big kids are at school and I pray that we live up every moment. Of course life is never dull with Chels around. Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you

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Anonymous said...

Oh how i love this little girl, and how she can make me mad. She's stubborn, can be a little stinker. In one moment she can be the most generous person and flip on a dime and be a tyrannt.
She can me make me laugh and I love how she struts her stuff when she is showing off.
The last year home with mom...and I hope your both able to enjoy this time together, because then school starts for Chels and life will change forever.
Baby girl....your Nina loves you very, very much.

Nina, aka Ma