Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm sitting at the desk checking emails, I hear birds chirping and the hawks screeching.
The next thing I see is this little bird bounce off our screen door and fly off but hot on his tail is a hawk coming in with talons out front and he's trying to stop before he runs into the door. I get up an look out the window and the hawk is now sitting on the top of our porch swing before he flies into our tree.
I grabbed the camera and came outside just hoping to get a better picture. I obviously got just a bit too close because he flew over to the block wall.
 My hands were shaking so bad I was lucky to get this clear shot. As the camera was snapping away the second hawk flew onto another wall and then flew off. This guy proceeded to hang out for a bit.
He flew off the back wall and came over to the front wall and was now closer to me. I know he was still searching for food but it was cool to see his markings.
Eventually he flew up onto our neighbors fence. He turned his head to look at me and I could have sworn he was checking to see if I was still following.
withing seconds he jumped down between the gap that is between our fences and I didn't see him come back out so I'm wondering if he caught anything. Maybe he decided to eat it right there. I have no clue.
I'm just happy to show some crisp pictures of these guys, I know there are three but I have no idea who is male or not and I should give them names instead of hawk 1 and hawk 2. The third was is noticeably smaller, so he is easier to identify.
Hm mm....what should I name them?


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Anonymous said...

it would be cool if we could figure out the sexes of these hawks, then we could have fun coming up with names