Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 A week ago I had the pleasure of helping facilitate a women's retreat called Learning to Love the Master. The premise of the retreat is to reflect and journal your God story. Where has God been, from your earliest memories. It is an amazing journey.
At this particular retreat we tried out a new facility, The Holy Trinity Monastery in St. David, AZ.
What a beautiful location. Upon arrival we were surprised to see peacocks roaming the grounds.
The following morning my friend Annette and I set off to explore. We found 3 ponds with bullfrogs and dragonflies galore, ant hills everywhere, and wonderful nooks, crannies, gardens and trails. We lost count of how many peacocks and peahens are roaming around but believe me you hear them.
It was such a peaceful morning and Annette and I walked and talked for over an hour. Our favorite part of course was photographing all the peacocks. I was floored with how many displayed their feathers. We even had one that we could hand feed and he let us touch his feathers! So soft, so awesome.

I have always loved peacocks, they are right up their with flamingos so this was just a beautiful display of color.
After a day of reflection, journaling and sharing all of us ladies went on a little Saturday evening.
I'll leave those photos for another post because I have some cool peacock info.
If you are looking for quiet, peace, solitude, good food and gorgeous views, this is your place. I'm sure our church will be having more retreats here.

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