Thursday, July 12, 2012

When your in a hurry you don't always get the best shots.
Sunday morning right before church, our local hawk landed on our wall trying to catch my lizards.
Hey, I like my lizards, they keep me entertained.
I scooted outside to take a picture when the second hawk flew up. I just kept my finger on the button hoping one of these would look OK.
They both flew away within seconds. I occasionally see them flying down the alley  like bullets about chest high off the ground.
Now fast forward to this morning.
I was out shooting the sunrise when I heard the familiar chirps of the hawks. I watched as they flew from light post to tree chasing the doves around.
Then the pair completely freaked me out.
I'm standing in my driveway, in my jammies, barefoot, when the pair decided to head straight for me, and then flew up into my palm tree. Seriously, they were maybe 6 ft from my head. I had both cameras in my hands and my adrenaline was rushing so bad I never thought to point it up until one of the hawks flew off the tree over my head away.
I was so pumped after that, that all my shots were pretty blurry from camera shake. As Rob and I talked this morning we were watching the skies we saw a third hawk. It looks like we have a family. I do know that their nest is only 4 houses away.
 I'm really hoping to get some awesome shots of these guys that I can frame for the house.


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Anonymous said...

Hawks are so cool, and i'm seeing quite a few in town..and when you think about it, that is where the food is. I was at Melanie's the other day and she had one in her front yard. It just stood there looking at me, it was really weird. Now, melanie has two cats, both that I like really well and my fear is that the hawk will try to go after one of them.
Its fun to watch them, so good luck to you on getting pictures.