Thursday, August 02, 2012

First day of school!!
We have entered the 5th and 3rd grades. Whoo hooo!
As per tradition I do a head shot and a full body pose of each kid.
Guess who wasn't paying attention until we are walking to school and notice that I don't have a memory card in my camera?
Are you surprised? I'm not.
Thankfully I was only a few houses away so I could run back and grab the card. So, instead of my nice pictures I got this morning I snapped off these quickies. I just hope I can try and get better ones when they get out of school.
Also being the first day of school we have our traditional DQ treat tonight.
Once we got to school, it took us about 20-25 minutes to walk there we checked out the classroom assignments and discovered that Wyatt was placed into second grade instead of third.
Got that switched around and found out that one of Wy's cub scout buddies was going to be in his class. That is a huge relief because Wyatt didn't sleep well last night because he was nervous.

Kelly is in good shape because her best friend Madison is in her class and another former student from Tag that was in their class in now going to Ford. This brings it up to 4 or 5 kids that Kelly already knows and if I include mutual knowledge Wyatt knows about 4.
This is a huge weight off our shoulders because we didn't think they would know anyone and its always hard to be the new kid, thankfully there are several kids they know.
I'm very excited for them and can't wait to find out how their first day went.
Here is to a great school year!


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Anonymous said...

WOW, 5th and 3rd, hard to believe that our munchkins are that old. My wish..that they both have a fantastic year, embrace enjoying their new surroundings and above all else.....Have Fun.
love you kids, wish you the best.