Wednesday, August 08, 2012

 On Sunday the mother of all storms blew through Tucson. It knocked out power poles and left us in the dark for about 4 hours. The kids ended up spending the night at grandmas while Rob and I braved the powerless house. Thankfully the power came back on at 10pm.
After the kids left for grandmas Rob and I took a ride. I was determined to just enjoy the light show and it was Broadway worthy.
Rob and I kept oohing and ahhing over some of Gods light show and a couple of times you could overhear us say, "did you see that!"
We looked at the radar on my phone and noticed that another storm was about to come over the mountain. We drove home to get my camera and went to my favorite spot. I had two bolts that were soooo bright for the camera that they blurred like this second photo, but the top was my favorite for the night.
It is again that yearly want to have a wide angle lens. Which would be awesome because I sometimes miss a part of a bolt because it spread out so wide. I missed one big bolt that when it hit the air turned green and pulsed so I'm sure it hit a transformer or something, it was kind of eerie.
I love being able to go out with someone to take pictures, It gives me someone to talk to and I feel safer. When I'm by myself I feel like I'm always looking over my shoulder expecting to be jumped. No matter what though I'm not going to stop going out and I'm smart enough to be prepared, at least I hope so.
Tonight's weatherman is calling for more storms but it sounds like its going to be this afternoon. I'm thinking of trying to get some afternoon weather shots this time. Wish me luck if the storms come through.

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