Saturday, November 03, 2012

thankful weekends

On the weekends I'll be taking a short break from my grateful list so that I can update on any goings on with the family.
Today we will be spending the morning at the Cops and Rodders car show over at High Corbett Field. This is also the citywide pine wood derby for the cub scouts. We had a great time last year and I'm excited for the day.
We spent last evening getting the cars ready to go. Each kid gets to pick shape and color and any decals they want to put on their car. I'll have to get pictures of this years derby cars before the kids trash them.
This afternoon we will be joining mom's friend Marie in celebrating her 60th birthday. Mom has planned the surprise party over at Brushfire BBQ with some of Marie's friends. I made a 60th centerpiece like I did for my dad to go onto her table and we will have balloons everywhere.
Of course there will be pictures to come...
PS, if I want to stick to my grateful theme, I will say that I grateful for people who cherish vintage cars and are displaying them for our enjoyment and I'm grateful for friends and celebrating their lives.

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