Wednesday, November 14, 2012

thankful #14

I just took a stroll down memory lane. Wow.
Today I'm thankful for all the furry friends that have blessed my life.
I'm not sure how I'm gonna get through this post before tears start streaming down my face.
Each dog deserves his or her own tribute but I truly don't have it in me right now.
I've been very blessed with my animals, with the exception of one crazy dog (not pictured) these guys have brought so much joy and companionship to our lives.
My man Chester. I miss that fur ball, he has such a face. This was the first dog that Rob and I got just before we were married.
Next came Brewtus, our first boxer. I can't find a picture of him, though I searched. We bought him from the pet store at Tucson Mall, I would visit him daily until I wore Rob down enough to get him.
Next came Bubba, our Boston terrier. Kelly loved Bubba, he was quite the character.
We lost Brewtus to cancer and then we were given Braxton by some good friends. Braxton fit in real well with everybody.
This is Gertie, she's moms English bulldog but such a large part of our furry buddies. Gertie is still kicking around even though there are days where we have to check to see if she's still breathing. Gertie has been with mom for through it all.
 We lost Bubba due to cancer and a year later in 2008 we lost Chester. Braxton was lonely and we had friends ask us to take their psycho dog.
After a couple of weeks she was re homed to a great guy and doing good.
To ease Kelly and Braxtons sadness we rescued Bella. While being on the verge of psycho Bella has been a pretty good dog.
This year she blessed us with our newest members who are helping me cope with the loss of Braxton.
 Ana, who is on Rob's head and Bailey who is in his lap are our new crazy girls. Bailey is a cuddly lap dog but Ana is spaz happy.
It really can be nuts around here when you get home and all 4 greet you.
The last picture is of Bacon, the most laid back dog, well until one of the girl dogs tries to take away his bone. Then he means business.
These guys rough house and wrestle like wild animals but if you show them a treat, those butts hit the floor and wiggle till they get their treats, even trying to take them out of each others mouths.

Experts say that owning a dog or cat makes you live longer. They do so much more than that.


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