Wednesday, November 07, 2012

thankful #7

This morning I'm thankful for the generosity of friends who rejuvenated our love of flowers and inspired us to restart building our garden.
Back in May I wrote this quick post Before the age of children . Since then we now have 1 rose bush, 3 different vines, 3 types of jasmine, 12 hibiscus bushes, annuals, day lilies etc. At the moment all our plants are out front so pulling into the driveway always makes me smile.
In the mornings we are like kids in a candy store scouring to see which plant is going to flower and now with the cooler weather the blooms are lasting longer.
Why am I so thankful for flowers?
Until we received those first plants I think we, meaning Rob and myself, didn't realize how much we missed having the color, the beauty, the serenity that flowers bring. It was something we were both craving. Now months later that effect still hasn't worn off. I love being able to keep my front door open, to see the hummingbirds and butterflies drink from all the buds and dream of being able to have these plants surround me, like my own secret garden.
Seeing my own flowers makes me even more aware of what others have in their yards and just the natural beauty of where we live.
Reality intrudes and our plans to re build our backyard garden are on hold until we have the dogs trained to not dig them up or eat them. It has Rob and I wondering if we should move the kids' play set and put the dogs back into the side yard where they used to be. We have finished the irrigation and Rob started laying back down the castle block but the dogs seem to have taken over and have dug deeper under the block. It will get sorted out just not as quickly as we had dreamed.
This weekend we plan on cleaning out our carport so that when the time comes, we can move all the plants under the carport for protection.
I know next spring we'll be adding to our collection, plus I hope to gift others with some beautiful blooms of their own. I'll be excited to see what crazy, colorful, riot of plants and pots we are going to have by June of next year.
Bring some color into your life, go visit your local nursery and bring home a plant that inspires you.

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