Thursday, November 08, 2012

thankful #8

Today I'm thankful for color.
The wondrous colors that God has given us and continues to show us how they can be used.
The colors that that inspire us to paint, to garden, to write and photograph.
I love how certain colors can calm us down or fire us up.
Growing up my room was yellow, I remember that room as always being sunny and happy even though it faced north and only at sunset did it get direct light from one small window.
When we moved out of our townhouse into a house my room was surfers blue with green indoor/outdoor carpeting and beige Americana centennial curtains. Yeah, didn't match at all. Down came the curtains and I pulled up the carpet myself. I couldn't talk my dad into buying paint to change the color which got me teased just a little bit for having a boys room from a friend.
I remember when I learned we were moving to AZ, I went around and photographed all the green I could. I photographed our yard and the park that was a street away. I was sure that Tucson was nothing but cactus and dirt, I was partially right :)
When I started scrapbooking one of the ladies that I admired her work, Stacy Julian, had a wonderful magazine called Simple Scrapbooks. I learned so much from all those fantastic ladies whom were a part of that magazine. One of the things Stacy talked about was finding our what your happy colors were and using your happy colors.
I set out to truly find out what my happy colors were. My first choice would have been red because I'm told it looks good on me, but I asked myself was this a happy color for me? If you looked into my closet you would see several shirts in a variety of blue hues, but was blue my happy color? The more I thought about it I realized that picking a couple of colors was extremely hard for me to do. That is when I decided to embrace them all, give them their due. My scrap room dream room is to be painted yellow, with white shelves and bookcases and my organization colors are from the bright tumbler cups from Ikea kids tableware. I have been spray painting picture frames in all my favorite colors to add to my living room walls. I was originally making a quilt in black, white and red but decided to add more colors and patterns to the mix, make it eclectic. I don't have just one happy color, I really love the bright colors, some would say the colors of summer, those vibrant colors but it can't be just one or two it has to be 4 or 6.
I think about when we are out buying plants, what colors don't I have and what contrasting pot can I put it in?
I see those pictures of tables where every chair is painted a different color and that makes me happy.
We are blessed to be able to see the colors that God chose for our world, why pick just one? Find your happy colors and brighten up your life.

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