Monday, November 05, 2012

thankful day #5

Today I'm thankful for the people who began Pinterest
I'm sure by now most people know what Pinterest is, for those few who don't, Pinterest is an online bulletin board.
I discovered Pinterest through a few of the blogs that I read and I really didn't fully get it. I asked for a invite to join and then waited for my email confirmation. Once I was in I just wandered around. I started by looking up things like "crafts" and "photography" and liking items that struck my eye or looked easy to do. I liked a lot of things, lol. Now when you click on a photo, it will show you a website or link and that link will lead you to directions on how to make it or where to buy, commentary, blogs,etc. Now not everything has a link it could just be a picture that someone posted but by that picture alone it can spark some creativity.
I learned to create boards to help keep all my inspiration in the right categories so that I wasn't searching forever for one thing.
People are amazing and having all that eye candy in one place just makes it like one stop shopping.
For a few weeks I was completely addicted and I spent hours a day looking around, now I give myself maybe an hour a day or if I'm waiting for the kids or waiting at the doctors office I will scroll around and like things, and then once I get home, I will repin them to a board. I have discovered so much out there in the mega huge world wide web that I never would have found before. Artists of all genre's that inspire me to try new things or give me an appreciation for what they do.
I also love the fact that my hubby is now in on it. If I leave Pinterest open on the computer he will start scrolling and liking things. I love that some evenings if I'm on the site he will stand beside me asking me if I have pinned this or that. We laugh, we dream and we plan.
We have tried new recipes, made plans for future vacations, looked at art we would like for our home, found countless ideas for our garden and so many crafty ideas that we or I want to make.
Pinterest has broadened my horizons, fueled my creative fire and made me so thankful for the people who are willing to share their talents. If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, give it a go and feel free to ask me any questions.You can find me and all my boards at .

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