Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013!

Goodbye 2013!
I am so looking forward to 2014.

I haven't been in the Christmas spirit at all this December and I plan on taking my tree down tomorrow. It really has been a humbug type of year.
I've been reflecting on what has transpired in 2013 and I must say it has been a roller coaster and I'm not entirely proud of how I've reacted.
I think I have spent most of the year feeling like I have come up short in every aspect. Wife, definitely mom, crafter and blogger. I have continued to beat myself up and measure myself against everyone else. It has made me depressed, tired and overall not the person I want to be.
I realize that I am very hard on myself and that is one aspect that I desperately need to correct. I expect perfection on my first try.
My plan was to make gifts for almost everyone and then I didn't. Fear was my issue. Last minute I made a lighthouse for my mom from one I had seen on Pinterest. It was looking good until I got fidgety and the painters tape pulled off spots of paint. I expected perfection with my tape lines knowing full well that, that wasn't going to happen and I should be OK with it and I wasn't.
I haven't been doing any art journaling, scrapbooking or card making. I've barely touched my camera.
All I have done is hoard ideas and dream.
This year I have to make some changes. I'm going to make things that I want to make and then I'm going to give them away. I'm making things that I think others would appreciate.
As I reflect I'm learning quite a bit about my fears and most of them are unfounded. I know I can't grow if I'm living in fear.
Quite a few things have come out of this year. One, I should be starting to work for TUSD in Jan/Feb as a substitute monitor at the kids' school. Hey, it gets my foot in the door and I'm excited about that.
Two, I've lived in Arizona for 20 years this year and this is the first time I've owned an Arizona t-shirt. I asked my sister in law to get us all U of A shirts for Christmas. Heck, its Rob's Alma mater, LOL. So now when we go to a hockey game, or the Cats beat the Sun Devils we can show our school spirit.
Three, I have friends that truly care about me and continue to be there even when I was a total shit.
Surely the year hasn't been all that horrible. I have been remarkably blessed in so many ways this year. I have lost weight, cultivated relationships, I've created and inspired others to create.
I truly need to reflect a little more about how 2013 went.
On Sunday our Pastor posted this question and offered us the opportunity to testify,
How has God worked on your life this year?
This has been a tumultuous year for me and God. I've cried, yelled, begged and challenged Him whenever I felt he HAD to do something. All throughout my daily journaling and quiet time there is peppering of prayers for others but so much dissatisfaction from me and my life. I kept trying to figure out God so that I could make things happen. And in the end it has actually brought me closer to Him. I finally learned to stop looking at what I want, to what does God want, where is God working and how I can join Him. I've concentrated prayer more on others than myself.  Life has been remarkably better for it and I see God working and I'm joining Him.
So goodbye 2013, may next year keep me motivated and present.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pink Cadillac

 A couple of weeks ago we went to the Cops and Rodders Car show at Hi Corbett Field.
As we walked around the rows of shiny cars I stopped in front of this beauty, an original pink Cadillac, at least I'm fairly sure this is the original pink.
Any way, I wasn't sure why I was drawn to this car, my favorite is a '67 or a '70 Chevelle.
I think what drew me was the fact that she wasn't primped and polished. Here she was with a stock engine that wasn't chromed out, dings in the door and paint that has seen better days.

Not model perfect but beautiful just the same.
To me, this car is loved and respected.
I guess I relate it to the question, am I loving and respectful to myself?
Yep, this is how my brain works.

So I've sat here and pondered the question, here is what I've come up with.
I'm learning to appreciate the age that I am, while still learning how to properly care for myself so that I can hopefully last to a ripe old age. I'm seeing the gray hairs and while those are being slightly disguised right now, I'm not afraid to show them. Sure the wrinkles are coming, the creases in the forehead and laugh lines around the eyes are starting to hang around permanently. I like to think it shows character, an enjoyment for life, not getting old.
Do I love myself, probably not like I should, but I'm learning to understand what loving myself means. It's so much easier for me to love others.
Do I respect myself? Enough so that I'm pushing myself to be a better person, to grow and share my discoveries with others.
Back to the car, while a bright shiny car all tricked out is great, I don't think I would want to own one. I would be more worried about getting a nick or scratch, than enjoy driving. This pink Cadillac, yeah, I could sure see myself tooling around town, the wind blowing in my hair and Elvis on the radio, the kids eating ice cream cones in the backseat, and Rob and I holding hands while he drives. Sounds so cool to me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Experiencing God and Live Beautiful You

Over a year ago, I expressed my being guided to do a women's retreat. I have plenty of the ground work laid out, but when it came down to writing my story, I stopped and let every negative voice in. You know the voices that I'm talking about.
I've talked about my inner struggle and the depression it caused. I've also recently talked about coming back into my light.
The past nine weeks have been a renewal for me.
I have gotten quiet, I've been grateful, I've asked for forgiveness, and I have done my best to give up control.
"Father, if you are willing, please take this cup of suffering away from me. Yet I want your will to be done, not mine." Luke 22-42 
In my journey with Experiencing God, this has been a mantra to me, paraphrasing of course.
 I'm screwing it up my way, its not how I want it and I'm not getting what I want.
So I work at it everyday to change my thinking process. My questions are, where do you want me to join you? What is your will? Please give me the courage and strength to do your will.
I've noticed that when I pay attention, things are moving around me, and when I get that gut feeling that both scares and excites me, then that is my call to action. In just nine weeks I have seen results. I've told you about emailing a lady about working with her about building a retreat.
Today, we had a meeting. I'm still giddy and my creative juices are flowing. We spent over two hours talking about everything that we would like to do and the steps to building a brand and community.
I have been asked to join her team and contribute whatever I can.
Live Beautiful You, we are a blog, Facebook page and a Pinterest group. I'm hoping to contribute my voice and help build a community.

Yesterday I had another interesting thing happen. I was talking to one of the moms about looking for a job after my mother in law is done with physical therapy for her knee. One of the places I was going to look at was the kids' school. Two hours later I check Facebook and posted not 10 minutes ago is a job opportunity to be a playground/cafeteria monitor. I called the school to inquire, they sent home an application with Wyatt, I filled it out last night and took it in this morning. I'm told they will begin interviews by the end of the week. We shall see where this leads, but I'm excited.

Monday, October 28, 2013

This past week I've been thinking about my blog and the voice I want to use.
Guess what?
Nothing is going to change, lol
I want to record my thoughts and kids' milestones.
I want to grow and this blog will be my evidence and memory of that happening.
As of today, I'm on week 7 of Experiencing God. Oh my goodness, so much information and I see where in my pain I have missed opportunities. I have been shown how in my self centeredness, I have missed God's voice because it wasn't how I
wanted it to be.
That needs to stop NOW.
In my ignorance, unbelief, stubbornness, fear, I have missed out. Yet, in times when I was shaking in nervousness and fear it has almost always worked out.
Every Sunday one of the home church leaders gives the benediction. Rob usually does this and does it well, but this weekend he was camping with Wyatt. I was going to have to step up. EEK!
Sunday morning the boys got home in time to shower and head with us girls to church. On the way there Rob tells me that I'm still going to have to go up and pray. I was OK with it but as the service went on that nervous feeling stole over me. I leaned over to Rob and begged him to do it instead. He said no, but he would stand beside me. Our worship team started to play Casting Crowns Voice of Truth . It was just what I needed to hear. I went up and prayed. I find it funny how I can stand before a crowd of strangers and talk, but when I'm in front of people who claim to love and care about me I freeze.
It is something I wonder about and I think I will journal about it. I will ask and get an answer.
With all of these new revelations going on for me, I have picked up where I left off in my retreat planning. This time instead of me trying to figure things out, I'm looking, listening and waiting for those moments that guide you on your path. I've come to realize that when I do it this way instead of trying to force my will, things work out and are that much sweeter and memorable.
These two photos were taken by Kelly when her girl scout troop went to the Tucson Botanical Gardens. In all my 20yrs of living in Tucson I have never been here, so I couldn't pass the opportunity to get some photos. I gave Kelly my Rebel XT and told her to shoot whatever caught her eye. Among some of my favorite shots were some of the butterflies and a couple of what I like to call, "quiet spots".
One day, whether in my own back yard or my dream of having a retreat center I want lots of quiet spots. I look out across my dust bowl back yard and dream of what could be if my dogs would stop eating and destroying everything.
Anyway, I hope to document more of the goings on and share others that teach and inspire me.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

The kiddos are on break this week, so yesterday we hit Reid Park Zoo. The animals were in rare form. One of our giraffes was chewing on a pine cone and making some of the funniest faces.
It was an awesome day, the weather has cooled a bit and I think this made the animals a little more frisky.

This picture reminds me of how I was about 45 minutes ago. I have just finished my interview to be a volunteer co leader for Chelsea's daisy troop and will receive my volunteer approval tomorrow.
I haven't had an interview in 6 years.
I was such a dork. I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I am not an "all business" type of person. I'm a personable person, laid back and I have a real hard time tooting my own horn. So when it comes to answering the "official" questions, my brain just freezes. I told my interviewer that it would be easier for others to describe my leadership qualities than for me too.
I have been really lucky with the people I've worked with or I'm great at blocking out the annoying people I've worked with, lol. I have been able to maintain several friendships over the years and I think that speaks more than anything else.
I didn't prepare myself for my GS interview. I've been involved in scouts since Kelly was five, I felt this was just a little detail to be taken care of and really didn't dwell on what the questions could be.
I think I handled the questions well and my interviewer was easy to talk to.
I've learned that being my true, authentic self is so much better than putting up a front. I wish more people would embrace it.
My feelings right now is that there is a growing movement to empower women, not in a feminist way, which does have its place, but a movement for women to empower themselves. To learn about their true beauty and personal strengths, women supporting each other instead of tearing each other down. I am a part of this movement, I want my daughters to grow in this movement.

Wow, this was not how I mentally planned this post to go, I was just gonna kvetch that I had my interview, I'm approved and while I felt like I was a dork, I'm happy and excited about our future daisies.


Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Oh how awesome is our God!
The last couple of weeks have truly been eye opening. As I've mentioned in my last post I'm working through the Experiencing God workbook.
I have seen 3 prayers answered so far and it all culminated last Saturday.
At the end of September was our renewal for Girl Scouts and we didn't have the money to renew plus buy uniforms. I was going to put the renew fees on a credit card and piece out uniforms. This is when I asked God if he wanted us to be in scouts or was I just trying to push it through. I talked to my friend Annette about what my plans were and since she has been in scouts forever maybe she would have some tips.
Instead she answered prayers.
Her girls are no longer in scouts and she has troop funds that need to be used, so she picked me up and we went down to the girl scout office. I filled out registration forms while she and the store clerk went to pick out the things that the girls would need. I had full intention of putting the registration on the card but Annette vetoed that. I am so grateful for her, she has such a heart.
Still, there was a voice in the back of my head that wondered if I was suppose to do scouts this year.
The new Daisy leader and I had our first troop meeting and Chelsea ended up being the only girl there, we still hadn't completed our training or had gotten a troop number yet so I wasn't completely bothered, but that voice whispered again.
One of my home church prayers a couple of weeks ago was to see where God was at work so that I can join him.

This past weekend was also a prayer retreat with the Cepins, a couple that I admire, at the monastery, with the peacocks, lol. Since my concept of the retreat last year, I've wanted to talk with Patti and when I heard of the prayer retreat I was surprised that I wasn't feeling led to go and we also didn't have the extra $$ either. I wondered but let it go.
Anyway, last Saturday ended up being my training for girl scouts and some strange events occurred which really led me to see God at work.
I picked up the leader and we swung by Starbucks to get a coffee. We order and I hear a, Hi Carrie. I look over and see my friend Treasure who is about to head off to her women's study. Then I hear another, Hi Carrie and its Danell who used to go to our church but now my kids go to the same school as her kids.
Ok, we are walking out and talking about how odd it is for me to see people I know at 8:30 in the morning. As we drove out of the parking lot I said, and I know that lady from church, her mother is in my home church (Sheila heading into Curves).
We get to the GS office and our trainer was Kelly's daisy troop leader, Ellen and a former co worker of mine. We get to talking, she is now an artist and catches me up on what she has been doing. I proceed to tell her about my retreat idea and brave girls club, art retreat. (Here's the good part) She tells me that she has a friend who is working on the same retreat concept based off brave girls and she is about 40 steps ahead of me, has a five year plan, has a logo, yada yada. Anyway she gives me the ladies name and it is someone who I'm acquainted with but not close to. Ellen thinks we would be a great fit together and I agree and Ellen is going to give her my info.

One of the things that I've thought about lately is that I can't do the retreat thing alone and I'm gong to have to collaborate with people. Now here is someone I respect and I might be able to work with to accomplish what I feel God has led me to do.
I think me seeing those 3 people I know, was Gods way of getting my attention and opening up to receive this information. I don't feel scared or analytical just positive and open.

After I calmed down a little I realized that I had seen three prayers answered.
1 I have seen that I'm meant to be in girls scouts this year
2. God has shown me where he was at work
3. and why I was not meant to go on the prayer retreat
To put a cherry on top, this morning I emailed the lady and we shall see where this takes me.


Friday, September 20, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I used my new pass to cruise around Saguaro National Park. Monsoon season is pretty much over, but the desert is bright green and with barrel cactus flowers blooming.
It amazes me how only being off the main road by a couple of miles feels like complete isolation, you can't hear any cars and if it wasn't for the houses in the distance, you would think you were all alone.
Stopping at one point I got out of the truck and walked to the viewing edge. All I could hear was my own heartbeat, louder than anything else around me. I must say it takes you aback for a few moments until you can begin to hear the desert come alive. The world is not quiet by any means.
As I was looking around and taking some photos, I saw this wrong way sign and instinctively snapped a shot, I just knew it would come in handy one day.
As I've finished up this first week of Experiencing God and met with my home church, I have felt something. Basically I've stopped going the wrong way. My home church confirmed what I was asking God; was the women's retreat Carrie led or God led? I was told that if I was experiencing a crisis of belief than it was God led. Hearing that I got both excited and scared. I have begun to feel like the jack rabbit above, ears perked, listening. By the way, do you know how hard it is to get a clear picture of a jack rabbit?
Anyway, on day 5 some of the examples used were of Moses and his crisis of belief. Oh, how I  have said some of those exact same words and how I let them be a stronghold but it also confirmed that I had experienced a crisis of belief. I'm praying that those chains have been broken and that I won't fall into the trap again. Now the next step out of the seven is to adjust and make changes so that I may join God wherever he is working.
I feel hopeful, I feel I'm walking back toward a light and have firmer footing than I have had in a year.
Tomorrow's study is about our plans vs. God's plans. I'm going to get schooled on that one, ha ha.
Tomorrow is also Kelly's 11th birthday party. I'm off to make a cake!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I sometimes wonder how I can be so happy and so sad at the same time.
Our church is starting Experiencing God this week, its been offered multiple times over the last 10 years but this time its home church mandatory. It's also the first time I have wanted and felt I needed to take this study.
Today I read day 4 and something that has really got me praying and asking God is one of the seven realities of experiencing God, and that is, crisis of belief.
Last year at this time I was happy and working on writing a women's retreat, and yet I was about to lose Braxton and my world thrown into turmoil for a year.
Last year I questioned the big man about my qualifications to host a retreat, I wondered if this was God led or Carrie led. I stopped working on writing it or planning it, even though I still pin things to a secret board on Pinterest.
I fell apart and let the frustrated rage consume me. I prayed and struggled to make sense of who I was meant to be. I tried so hard to figure it out, figure God out.
Was this my crisis of belief?
In the last few weeks most of the anger has dissipated, I realized that no matter what was coming out of my mouth, I didn't trust God. That was hard to voice but it also freed me enough to give it to God and as Yoda would say," Do or do not, there is no try."
How can I NOT trust God when he has done so much for me, for us? I also realized that instead of looking for God's will, I was looking for God's will for my life, and yes there is a difference.
I'm looking forward to see what God has planned in the next 11 weeks.

Changing topics, for my birthday Rob bought me/us a year pass to Saguaro national park. On the first cloudy day I went on a drive for almost two hours just taking pictures and enjoying the views. My joy for life is coming back, because I'm picking up my camera more. I'm looking for joy in the little things and trying not to beat myself up when things don't go my way or don't seem to be going anywhere.
I've pretty much have cleaned out my scrap room and have been spending more time in there, that has brought some relief and relaxation.
A couple of days ago, I was able to photograph an owl, right across the street from my house. Usually when I'm on a nature shoot I keep my eyes open and hope to spot an owl. Monday morning the birds were going crazy and they were loud. Kelly and I went outside to wait for grandma when one of the hawks flew over our heads and perched on a palm tree branch above us. When it flew back across the street and the other birds continued to screech, I went to investigate. Imagine my surprise when I see the owl with the hawk behind him. I ran to get my camera and snapped off a couple of shots. That's when I realized as they flew off that there were 3 hawks around the owl. I ran back to the house again to switch into my longer lens and just prayed that I could get a clean shot of just the owl. This was one of the best and it kinda freaked me out when I took it because of the look in those eyes. I'm so excited and now I'm constantly looking up into the tree to see if he is there. The owl is so beautiful and majestic and those ears and piercing eyes, yowza.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have been thinking about my last post. Come to find out I had both strep and tonsillitis and an ear infection. Oh yeah, can't forget the fever that lasted for 3 days. That was one of the worst 6 days I've had in a long time.
I finished my last dose of antibiotics Monday morning and I'm feeling so much better.
That's great news because this week has been almost insanely busy.
Yesterday was slightly nuts; the truck was put in to get the brakes done, so I had to rely on my mother in law for transportation, thank you Inez. Rob got stuck on the highway for a couple of hours because of a semi truck fire. He had planned on being home around 4, he didn't get home until 6:30. We had open house at school and cub scouts. Today isn't shaping up to be any easier. Wyatt is having two teeth removed this morning, he gets his palate expander next month, then after school Kelly is getting a shot and yearly physical. We will pick up Chelsea from school and then we go to the orthodontist to get Kelly's palate expander checked. The kids and I will come to home to Rob for a quick dinner before heading back to scouts for recruiting and paint rain gutter regatta boats. Can't forget all the homework that has to be done!
I feel like I'm swirling in mass chaos right now. I feel that if I can't get a handle on every body's needs and schedules, everything is just going to fall apart.
Lately, I tend to feel very overwhelmed and out of control. Wyatt has mass amounts of homework and right now getting him to focus is like pulling teeth. It has come down to it that the TV cannot be on while anyone is doing homework. For us it means that the TV is rarely on. We like our TV, but it is also hard for the last person doing homework, because the other kids get to play while that one person is still working.
I know all this will iron out and become our new norm but right now it is a very uncomfortable adjustment period.
One thing that has helped me over the last week is being able to get a little bit of crafting done. I had to make a recruitment poster for cub scouts, Rob needed a new cross for his journal and Kelly was wanting Hello Kitty on her binder for school. It felt really good to be able to make something.
I have also come to the realization that I have got to start purging some stuff. I think subconsciously that is part of my problem, living in chaos and clutter. If I can clean that up then I might feel a little bit better, right now it just feels never ending and I don't have the want or drive to accomplish the tasks. I'll eventually snap out of it and get it done. Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Friday, August 09, 2013

Photo taken 2010 Sedona
The first full week of school is almost over and we are slowly getting back into a routine of homework, scouts and such.
Me? I'm still struggling. It surely hasn't helped that I haven't been feeling well since Tuesday. What I thought was sinus drainage Wednesday morning, looks like strep and even after more than 24hrs on antibiotics my throat still hurts. Thankfully the fever is gone. If things aren't getting better by tonight I just may need to go to the doctors.
But that's not what's on my mind.
I'm struggling and I don't know what questions to ask to find the source. Even now, trying to type this, my mind is flying from here to there with no direction.
Maybe that's it. I have no direction.
My plans were to clean up and organize my scrap room this week. Seriously, just the thought of going in there sends me to the couch and turning on Netflix. It is horrendously bad.
On my creative to do list is catching up the kids' school albums. It should be easy enough and yet I keep putting it off. Procrastination is my middle name.
I know it will make me feel better.

A few months ago I decided that I was going to be more positive in every aspect of my life, I thought it would bring about some pleasant changes that would begat more pleasant changes. Yes, I said begat. I went from trying to think happy to crappy really quick. I can't seem to turn off the negative talk in my head. I'm tired all the time and just don't have any drive.
Since I've been sick anyway, I've been doing some reading. I'm still working through the book, The Woman's book of Creativity by C. Diane Ealy and while at Bookman's found a book called, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up by Iyanla Vanzant.
Both books have talked about getting quiet and I just have one excuse after another about why I can't make the time to get quiet. The second book is actually a 40 day devotional about working towards spiritual strength and personal growth.
My head is all in a tizzy and yet my butt stays parked.
I pray for something great to happen to light a fire under me. I'm tired of thinking of all the things I can't do and I'm truly trying to focus on the things I can. I'm exhausted from the inner battle. I know I'm being strengthened and in some little way I'm growing, but man does it hurt, and when you lose sight of the light it seems like such a void of nothing all around you. I'm grasping to whatever light I can find to get me where I'm supposed to go. I guess that's all I can do. My faith and prayers are my lifeline but at times I can feel them start to unravel when prayers go unanswered.
Well, I guess that's maudlin enough for today.


Friday, August 02, 2013

All the Ross children are in school!!

To be honest I've dreamt about this day and now that its here it is very bittersweet.
 Yesterday was such a roller coaster. I walked Kelly to the bus stop and watched as she hopped on the bus for the first time. She was so excited about riding the bus that I don't even think she said goodbye.
6th grade and in middle school, I remember kindergarten for her.

Poor Kelly had a heck of a time yesterday. My first phone call came just before 7:30 and she was overwhelmed and freaking out, crying, her teacher got on the line and assured me she would take care of her, normal first day stuff, yada yada. I got my second call of her crying because her schedule has changed from Friday and they have her in band instead of orchestra, what should she do? So I told her what she could do. You could hear her trying to hold it together but by the time she hung up she was loosing it. My poor girl, she has been so excited and nervous about today and I think she is just really overwhelmed, so many changes recently.
This morning as she waited for the bus we talked about how today would be better because she knew what to expect and that it would all work out and be a good day. She was a little teary eyed when she got on and I saw her find her seat, then I watched as she just started to cry, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
When she got home this afternoon I asked her about what I had seen and she said that she missed me and those feelings just took over, but she also said that she didn't cry the rest of the day. Phew.
 Now Wyatt, my main man, he was very easy going. We walked a short distance to the school and proceeded to go on a search for the sign to where the kids were suppose to line up. Well, for some reason his teacher didn't have a sign so we asked another teacher and she directed to where he needed to go. Seeing one of the boys from cub scouts we left him to hang out with his friend while we went around the school to find out where Chelsea was suppose to go.
You talk about mass chaos. Parents and kids EVERYWHERE!!
We found her teachers line just as the whistle blew for the kids to line up and Chelsea was begging to go play at the playground.
With sooooo many parents trying to walk their kids in and poor Chelsea was getting lost from the crowd. I had been told that the parents were to say there goodbyes outside and that they didn't want the parents in the classroom because of possible separation problems, I get it, I know.
After the kids filed in, the parents were invited to a PTO coffee. This was my chance to make sure she made it to her classroom. I peeked in and found her seated on the carpet with most of the other kids as her teacher was trying to get everything sorted out.
After the coffee, we talked with a couple other parents we know and then we headed for the exit, since we would have to walk by Chelsea's classroom again I tried to sneak another little peek to see how things were going. In front of the class door was a TV camera and when they saw me they asked if I had a kid in this class and then asked if I could do an interview.
I looked over at Rob like, what do I say?
I got set up, clipped on the microphone and answered the questions the best my brain could. How nerve wracking. When asked what this day meant to me I almost lost it. Later my mother in law said I looked like I wanted to cry, that's partially true. Really I was just trying to voice a complete thought and speak from the heart.
The way the shot was set up was I was actually facing Rob as I gave my answers, and Rob was videoing me with my cell phone! I could barely think straight and wished I had time to actually think about my answers. I will never be a politician. LOL
The noon news came on and my stomach was in knots, I had watched a small portion of the interview on my phone and was not impressed and slightly horrified.

The piece of interview they showed wasn't that bad and I was relieved it was over.
Then they showed it again at 4pm. That's when the phone calls and text messages started. The kids were all excited to see me on TV.
At 5pm a completely different clip was shown  and surprised me and  I missed the 10pm, which was probably the same clip as 5.
Anyway, after school we came home and ate dinner before we headed off to DQ for our traditional first day of school ice cream.
I'll have to post some of the pictures from when Kelly had her first cone to Wyatt to Chelsea. So cool that I have been able to document all these little milestones. Now that I have the time I plan on getting more things scrapbooked like all these little milestones :)
So I'm sitting here this morning, the house is quiet, the dogs are scattered around the floor sleeping and I say to myself that I should blog.
I have no excuse... and the laundry can wait
A week ago Saturday, Wyatt celebrated his 9th birthday. It's completely cliché, but my goodness where has the time gone.
This kid is truly amazing and I don't think we have really even scratched the surface. His imagination can go off the charts and he can go from bouncing off the walls to cuddled up next to you in just a few heart beats.

This birthday, I think Wyatt got pretty much everything he wanted; video games and Pokémon cards.
The best part of the whole party?
Every one's creative way on disguising his gifts. Aunt Amanda wrapped his gift 3 times. First she wrapped a shoe box, inside the box was another wrapped granola bar box and then he unwrapped his game.
When it came time to open Grandma Ross' gift she had all the clothing on top, then some Pokémon cards and then there was a shoebox, Wyatt opened it and inside were a pair of grandma's shoes! Under the shoes, hidden in tissue paper was another Wii game that Wyatt had been asking for.
When Wyatt opened up Nina's present it was just a card, he looked up a little surprised and then mom handed him his game.

The boy took it all in stride and told us how silly we all are. Hey, it's a family trait, the boy is bound to get it.
In typical Wyatt fashion I could NOT get him to pause long enough to look toward the camera. At one point he was holding up his card and I asked him to freeze and look at me. That was the only clear shot I got out him.
So crazy, I love this guy.
Here are some interesting things about Wyatt at age 9:
He is addicted to video games whether it is on his DS, Wii or the computer. During the summer he is only allowed a certain time frame to play one or the other, and during school he can only play on weekends.
Wyatt likes to watch Adventure Time, Really Real show, Scooby Doo, Harry Potter and Star Wars.
This boy is still my earliest riser, he is usually up by 5:30 and raring to go.
He is finally willing to try new foods and has found that he likes ranch beans.
It's still comical 
 to watch his expression as he is tasting something new. Afterwards we ask him if he liked it and he will reply, yeah, but when you ask if he would like more we usually get a, no thank you.
This year Wyatt will be entering the 4th grade at Kellond elementary and will be participating in the GATE program.
Also this year, he will be a first year Webelos in cub scouts.
Two more years and he will be headed off to Boy Scouts if he chooses, which we hope he does.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Chelsea turns 5!!

 My baby girl turned 5 yesterday! It boggles my mind how fast she is growing up.
Chelsea at 5 is energetic, stubborn, a firecracker, impatient. loving, bossy, the list goes on. She is a total girly girl and prefers dresses over shorts and tee shirts. According to Chelsea she isn't hungry for dinner 9 times out of 10 but is always ready for junk food. Grrrr....
This coming month we will start shopping for school supplies because she is heading to Kindy, yeah! She is so ready and excited and so is mama. Granted, she is my buddy and it's going to be hard for me the first week. I do pity her teacher though, she is one stubborn, impatient cookie.
 Yesterday morning Kelly made everyone pancakes and I suggested putting the syrup and sprinkles on. A huge hit among the kids and a great way to start off their day. Sadly, the day was pretty much about getting the house cleaned up. Dinner last night, Nina ordered some yummy Papa Johns pizza and brought over cupcakes to celebrate.
I'm still in the process of decorating for tomorrows big family birthday and this cake is on the list.
Gosh was I scared to start this cake. Everything that I've tried to make this week has bombed creative wise and I couldn't afford to screw this up. I took my time and could NOT find my cake slicer. I decided to wing it and try to even it out with frosting. The layers have chocolate frosting and we did vanilla everywhere else. I can't wait to cut into it tomorrow.


The theme for this party is the new My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic . I really like this cartoon and have enjoyed watching it with Chelsea. There have been a few episodes that have even brought tears to my eyes. Each character has their individual cutie mark, which is something that they are good at or meant to be. Also, it's about making friends, being friends and supporting each other. It's just cool. One of our favorite ponies is Rainbow Dash, she's loyal and feisty.
Anyway, I'm in the process of plastering the house with ponies and pony decor. Chelsea is just going nuts every time I pull out the supplies to see what I have time to put up next. Tomorrow it will all come together.
The only glitch is that it's going to be 110+ degrees in Tucson and we have a swamp cooler with 12 people running around. It's going to get mighty toasty in here. I'm pulling in every fan we have to help out with the warm air.

The cake is chillin in the fridge and we are heading to Grandma's for dinner. Once the kiddos are in bed I will pretty much finish up the decoration and tomorrow will be last minute cleaning before the family arrives.
I'm so excited for Chelsea!
Happy Birthday baby girl, you've made the last 5 years over the top cute and crazy!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear blog, I miss you and think about you constantly.
Now that my back is better and I can tolerate to sit in the desk chair for longer than 5 minutes, I'll be back.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Last week I had to go through all my photos trying to find one that I took of Rob and his co-workers.
I stumbled upon this one and I don't really remember taking it. The photo was taken in France and all I remember was people looking at me funny while I took pictures of their local veggies.
As I was scrolling through the photos I stopped on this one and saved it to a different folder. As crazy as it may sound, it inspired me.
As a creative person I'm always on the hunt for anything that will keep me inspired and renew my soul with the beauty and blooming life all around us.
Lately, as I've been on either the treadmill or the elliptical I watch videos on YouTube. I've learned to dabble in mixed media art and am finally allowing myself to have some fun in my scrapping and art journaling. I go through my magazines and cut out pictures or text that I later put into my smash book. My smash book has become a place for dreams and ideas, stuff that will spark me on a much needed day.
I have created a motivational wall in my bedroom that I try and read every morning, especially the days when things are dark.
We are all creative, God made us that way. We all need to inspire each other and lift each other up. I don't feel that I have been strong in working with others to inspire each other. I tend to work alone quite a bit. I do love to lift people up because we are all capable of amazing feats and any negativity could set us all back.
That afternoon as I continued scrolling through the photos I came upon one after another that triggered happy thoughts, positive thoughts. I moved them all to that different folder. I may print them out, and who knows, they could adorn my walls or just my scrapbooks but the photos will be out of the bowels of my computer and will be more appreciated.
Almost every morning I take a look around all our flowers to see what is coming into bloom. I love the riot of colors. One of my dreams is to have a center where people can come, take classes, have retreats and just relax with little alcoves with comfy benches and arbors and trellis' of flowers.
What inspires you?


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Being Courageous

*Deep breath*
Please ignore the need for a pedicure, I was too excited to really care.
Now for most people this would be a horrible number to see, but today, for me, its a huge victory. You see today (technically yesterday)  I hit a three month weight loss goal.
I've lost 20 lbs.
This is a number I haven't seen in 8 years.
People who are close to me, except my mom haven't really seen a difference in my size, but oh I have.
Most of the weight loss has been in my legs and stomach. My long legs are getting lean and mean. I'm loving the feeling of sweat running into my butt crack, I know gross, right, but it means fat is crying.
Back in January a friend from church asked if I wanted to join a weight loss challenge with 9 other women. I immediately said yes, then I told her we'll see if I'm ready to finally lose the weight or was I going to sabotage myself.
I'm was/am tired of being the biggest girl in the room.
I'm tired of the way I feel about myself.
Was I finally ready to do something about it?
I started going to the gym 4x a week, most of the time twice a day, anywhere from 2-3 hours. My favorite thing is to walk on the treadmill and watch YouTube videos or Netflix.
A couple of weeks ago I hit a plateau. I realized quickly that I wasn't eating enough protein and that I needed to get off the treadmill and try something else.
I was at 19 lbs.
I prayed and I continued to work out. A week later I was still at 19lbs.
This weekend I started seeing a difference.
I felt like the little engine that could, I kept chugging along, making sure I was eating enough, working out, Tuesday morning the scale said 276.8.
Could it be? Was it a glitch? Did I hit my 20lb weight loss goal?
Today is our final weigh in. This picture was my weight before hopping in the shower, before going #2. I know TMI but dang it every little bit counts and I just didn't have the urge to poo.
Wouldn't you know after I posted my weekly weight and had taken the kids to go to school I HAD to go. Probably lost another 4 ounces. I know gross, ha ha.

How do I feel now that I've hit my first milestone?
Tired? Relief? Proud? Scared? Verge of tears? Want to shout from the rooftops!
All of these emotions are swirling around today. I don't think I really have to explain them.
The challenge is over, is my drive going to be there to continue? I walked this morning for 60 minutes and I kept talking to myself about if I was going to go back to the gym with Rob tonight. I waffle. The challenge is over, I don't need to push myself so hard, but while I'm working out it doesn't feel so hard. I'm loving the results.
I'm not sure if I'm ready for another challenge but for the next few weeks I'm going to work at losing another 5 lbs. Just me to hold myself accountable.
I want to be as close to 200lbs as I can and at 6ft tall I look good at 200lbs. That was my weight when I got married.
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That was probably a really bad analogy but it's all I could come up with because its time to head back to the Y.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

April has been an amazing, crazy month.
Fast recap: Rob and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, Wyatt bridged to Webelos, I enrolled Chelsea into kindergarten, I had my first canvas art workshop, Rob road in the El Tour De Mesa, we found Anna a new home and I've lost 19 lbs.
It's not that I haven't thought about blogging I've just been putting it aside for things that I deem more important. Today I've had some time to sit and chill so I decided I could do a quick update.

This morning Rob called me outside and showed me this beautiful dragonfly. We don't see them very often around our home so I ran back inside for the camera. Mr. beautiful stayed still for me until I tried to get a picture from a different angle and then he took off. Its so lovely to see the butterflies and all the birds visiting again now that all the flowers are blooming. Rob and I both have so much joy when we come home and see the flowers blooming, smell the jasmine and hearing the birds chirp.
Spring is my favorite time of year, everything is new, fresh and vibrant.
I really don't know how I want to begin in my update or if I just want to move forward. My days this past month have consisted of; dropping the kids off at school, hitting the gym, errands and then home. I work on everyday stuff, have lunch with Chelsea and Rob, pick the kids up from school and then prep dinner before we hit the gym again. Then its home for dinner and usually off to scouts or something else that needs to be done. Most of my free time has been creating which has been so fulfilling.
While on the treadmill or the elliptical I've taken to watching you tube videos to pass the time. I feel inspired, rejuvenated and flat out amazing.
I have started my first Smash book , gotten into mixed media art and I'm just trying all kinds of new things.
My time has run out, ha ha and I'm off on another adventure.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

This past weekend we went to Roper Lake with the cub scouts and had family camp.
This was the first time our family had been there and I must say it was a beautiful campground.
We stayed on the inside of Gila  group campground in tents and there are 9 cabins around us and facing the lake.
The cabins were just adorable, I really want to go back just to stay in the cabin.
We had about 10 families join us and there really is plenty to do. In the morning after our showers, yes they have showers, we hiked around on the trails between campgrounds.
There is a little creek that runs between the cabins and the showers and this creek feeds into the lake. One of the bridges that crossed over was a covered bridge, so cute and I forgot to get a photo.
Anyway, you can swim, fish and canoe in this lake. The scenery was so peaceful. I hope next time we can stay in a cabin so that I can sit on the porch swing and just enjoy the scenery.
We heard coyotes early in the morning along with these really cool, loud birds. they were black with yellow breasts and some had yellow heads. I will post a photo later. I highly recommend visiting if your looking for a quiet place to relax. We saw several families that had brought bicycles and rode around the three campgrounds and the peninsula. Oh and I'm no way affiliated or being paid for this endorsement. LOL. I'm just a satisfied customer.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seriously, where the heck have I been?
Granted my little world isn't sitting still but to not have posted in a couple of weeks. Insane!
Let's see, all the kids got eye exams and Kelly and Wyatt have perfect vision and Chelsea's vision is better so we picked out cute new glasses that she started wearing yesterday.
Wyatt was accepted into the TUSD gate program and we were given the options to either stay at Ford and only have a couple of hours a week in the accelerated program or change schools and go to Kellond for all day gate. We have gone ahead and enrolled him so that he has a spot for next year. This left us in a bit of a conundrum. Kelly is starting Secrist Middle school this fall and Wyatt is going to Kellond, what about Chelsea? Do we take her to Ford or see if we can also get her into Kellond?
At the kindergarten round up yesterday I had the chance to talk to Fords Principal, Ms. Leman (who happens to be Dr. Kevin Lemans daughter) and she encouraged me to enroll Chelsea into Kellond. Which leads me to more changes. Kellond starts classes at 9:10 am instead of Ford's 7:45. Most people would be cheering because of the chance to sleep in, but our family is usually up and going by 7:30. This completely throws off my day (I know, I'll get used to it). Added to all of this is that all my kids will now be riding buses! The mom mobile is going to an on call basis. :)
What other news can I remember... Girls Scout cookie season is over and Kelly sold 205+ boxes. She earned all the prizes that she wanted so I'm happy for her. Wyatt had his Blue and Gold ceremony at Pinnacle Peak back in Feb. and as of right now has done everything he needs to, to make his next rank which is Webelos (We be loyal scouts). Two more years and then he joins Boy Scouts. oh my goodness.
When I say we're busy, this is roughly what our week nights look like:
Monday- gym, girls scouts every other week
Tuesday- cub scouts
Wednesday- gym and usually free
Thursday- home church
Friday- gym and usually free
add to the mix, I spend 4 mornings out of the week at the gym myself on top of the 3 evenings. I have lost 10 lbs as of this mornings weigh in!
Weekends are a mix of crazy.
Let's see... I bought a smash journal and have been caught up watching you tube videos to see how other people have used theirs, then that morphed into me watching videos on how to do mixed media art journals and canvas. Oh, am I all a twitter and have been playing around with sprays and stencils, paint and markers. It's fun to watch videos while on the treadmill, makes the time seem to go faster and I learn something too.
So this weekend I plan on smashing my book and taking some more photos.
With all the school changes going on I better get the kids' school albums assembled and caught up before the summer starts.
Coming up this month we have our annual Easter Egg hunt and then Rob is doing El Tour De Mesa, Our sweet 16th wedding anniversary, I'm doing the scrapbook convention with mom and Annette, the church wide Beta retreat and then I'm hosting a canvas art workshop. I think next weekend is our only free weekend left unless I have forgotten something.
Pure insanity
At least it should give me stuff to post about. I think I should upload this months photos so far so I can show instead of tell you whats going on.
Tonight is the open house for Secrist, so we are going to go see and get a feel for where Kelly will be going next year. All my babies are growing up wayyyyy to quickly.

Monday, February 25, 2013

5 things right now

This morning I made some weekly goals for myself.
1. To lose weight. I'm still working out Mon-Fri but this past weekend I wasn't completely healthy in my eating.
2. I saw a motivation board on pinterest and want to recreate one for myself, one with positive quotes and plenty of encouragement.
3. I also want to make a visualization board, goals and dreams, things to strive for, pray for
4. I want to paint one canvas this week, no matter how small
5. To do my best to think and be more positive.
Me, right now?
I want to take my family and go travel, see the world and all its majesties.
I want to have a bigger craft space, space for everything and the kids :)
I want a clear vision of what God wants me to do. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels
And finally, I'm scared and tired.
Working through fear would probably be very easy if I didn't procrastinate. lol
I keep putting up road blocks instead of taking the small steps to move forward.

I dream, but have no idea where to start.
First draft isn't the final draft.
Practice makes perfect.
At one point we are all amateurs.
On the flip side are all the negatives screaming back at me:
Not good enough,
never gonna have it
don't deserve it
its too hard
what if its more than I can handle
what if I fail?.......
In all honesty, I'm going to get this stuff done, I'm just struggling right now.
Please pray for me, OK? Maybe leave me a word of encouragement.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

While I love Valentine's Day for all the red, pinks and hearts, I'm not one of those women who expect flowers and a box of chocolates. Something about this day tends for me to think it's more about a yearly affirmation that my husband still loves me. I don't need that because my hubby tells me every day in lots of little ways that he loves me. While getting a huge box of chocolate sounds really awesome right now, it will just make my butt bigger and I'm really working on making it smaller, and the flowers will just wilt and die in a couple of days. Now plants from the local nursery, heck yeah!
I've dropped a few pounds and am still working out almost every single day. At first it was all about the competition and the money, now it's about me and I'm truly believing that because when everyone posted their weight loss/gain I wasn't comparing myself to others.
Yesterday Rob and I were able to go with Wyatt on a field trip to see a trio of Taiko drummers. It was really cool, we got to ride on a school bus there and back. Oh the memories. The drummers were amazing to watch and great with the kids. Granted at times it was super loud and some of the kids were covering their ears but so inspiring. The men talked about how they met, and when they first started playing the drums and their journeys. Just cool.
We came home from school to find that Anna and Bailey had gotten into another fight. The fights have really escalated the last month or so. In this picture Bailey is on the left and Anna is on the right with Bacon in the middle.
Bailey was bad enough that we had to take her into the emergency vet. We were all crying. She had a huge gash on her right paw that had to be stapled and a sprained paw and on the backside of the left paw she had another gash that had to be stapled. Plus other cuts and puncture wounds. The dogs managed to get her harness off without unhooking or breaking it in any way. My poor baby. We've talked to a couple of vets and we can't find the cause of the fights and we aren't home when they happen.
Thanks to mom, who loaned us the $400 to get her cleaned up and into the e collar,  we packed up the crate and moved her to mom's house to recover. We were concerned about mom's dog Gerdie, but so far it has been going well. We think Gertie, who is pretty much deaf and blind, senses that Baily is hurting and is concerned. Mom says that last night Gertie slept next to the crate while Bailey cried on and off, and this morning the two did really well. As long as Bailey does well and doesn't destroy mom's house, she can stay. We are still planning on keeping Anna on one condition, she can't attack another dog or person, if she does, she's gone.
While this whole situation breaks my heart and I have cried so much, I have to do what's best even when it hurts.
After talking with mom this morning she has full plans on spoiling Bailey in hopes that she doesn't eat her coffee table or her plants.
Believe me, I have prayed and journaled that things will work out for all parties.
Also, I have no plans on taking or posting photos of Bailey's injuries. It hurts too much.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Last week I went on a field trip with Kelly's class to Old Tucson. I couldn't tell you how long its been since I've been there.
It was Ted Walker Youth day and there was about 4000 people and students running around.
One of the attractions was the chance to read to a horse. This fella was getting a little lippy with his handler and was making all sorts of funny faces.
Out of all the photos I took, this one kept flashing in my mind, except the handlers hand wasn't in the way.
The photo seems to depict my life right now. A little wacky.
I finished the Breaking Free bible study and I received a bunch of insight and strategies for going through life. I've taken a few days off and have begun my Artist Way, Finding Water book. This one is more challenging because now I have to reach out to my support system. Even though these people are family and friends there is still a vulnerability I'm trying to overcome. Plus this also means I actually have to stop talking and start doing.
Guess what? I have also joined the weight loss challenge with some of the ladies from church. This is my second week and although I'm down a pound from my starting weight I gained a pound from my excuse, the Superbowl and leftovers. Today I met with the trainer to set up an exercise plan. Holy cow, I'm both excited and nervous. Tomorrow I am doing my first zumba class! I'm excited.
I truly want to be down to 200lbs. I felt and looked my best then and I'm so tired of being one of the biggest people in the room. In the last year I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and now hyper tension. I'm not going down this road if I can help it, which I can.
Wanna know what else I'm doing? I've started working on the 52 lists project . Granted I started this yesterday but it fits where I am mentally right now and I can't wait to see what the end of the year will look like. It will be cool to look back and have such a glimpse of me one day.
I was on the treadmill yesterday and I watched most of the Secret. I've always wondered what it was about but didn't want to watch something that was against my faith. HAHAHAHA. It truly is about your attitude and your positive mental walk with God. At least that is what I got out of it. I think I will watch it again because I want to take notes and let the stuff sink in.
Back late last spring I started reading Heart Steps , and the set I got was for my kindle which included Heart Steps, Blessings, Transitions and Answered Prayers. By the end of Heart Steps I had such a positive frame of mind, I was more grateful and was actively looking for God in my life. After losing Braxton I stumbled hard, it has taken me months to get this awesome feeling back. You know, the one you don't want to end and you want to share with everyone?
Yeah, that one.
Because it just popped into my head here is my daily list: Jesus Calling devotional , journaling, getting the kids to school, gym, Finding Water study and fill in on my 52 lists (if needed).
By lunch time, Rob comes home and we eat and talk, if I have any questions or need an opinion Rob is a great sounding board.
Having so many positives sets me up for a better day. To grow, stretch and reaffirm how amazing everyday is.
My suggestions are to find things you're interested in, positive things, and delve deep into them. We all have so much untapped energy, heart and possibilities.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

 This month has been filled with many ups and downs, like most months I guess.
Last week we said goodbye to my friend Karen's mother, a feisty woman who upon meeting you, you became family. I created 3 sympathy cards, one for her dad, one for Karen, and one for her daughter. The service was sweet and it was nice to see some familiar faces.
While it was nice to get into my room and create, it was strongly on my heart why and really wanting to convey some beautiful, heartfelt sympathy. Does that make any sense?

I was able to use my cuttlebug and I must say that some embossing folders brings a sense of elegance to a card as I feel that this one does. I wanted simple and I think I did well.
For Karen's daughters card I wanted something that reflected her and her grandma so added yellow to it. On the inside I put a quote,
I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. Leo Buscaglia
Have you ever been around someone that just makes you want to be a better person? That was Grandma Jean.

I was back again in my craft room later last week working on making the table place signs for our church banquet. I think I hit the nail on the head with that one. The signs matched the room wonderfully and I wished I had taken a better picture .
I actually used a cricut cart for this one! I pulled out Fancy Frames cricut cart  and selected the second frame. I sized it on my gypsy but the outside of the frame is an 8x10. I even used the photo stand from the cart that I glued onto the back to get them to stand up straight. I had thought about cutting out the easel from the cart but that seemed a lot of work and I only needed 11 of them. Still, they garnered lots of compliments.
It has felt great to be crafty and I have tried to get my room more cleaned up and organized. My lovely friend Julie gave me a 4x4 expedite bookcase and wouldn't you know it it is 2 inches too short to fit where I need it to go. No worries, I talked Rob into letting me put it in our hallway. I will fill it with pretty boxes to hide some of my craft supplies and hopefully make my room more manageable. My craft room is around 8x11 and literally jammed packed with stuff, so much so that I have a very narrow walkway to get to my chair. So imagine crafting and having some companions. Three of my four dogs lay along the path and if I need to move or get out its like herding cats. No one wants to move up or out, or they want some attention and all converge on me keeping me stuck in my seat. Before anyone asks to see a photo the answer is no. I'm just a little bit too embarrassed to show how bad the room looks. I will say that I have made a mental commitment to myself that I will get the bookcase in the hallway and get that room more organized, especially since I plan on going to Phx in April and visiting the scrapbook convention and IKEA. insert evil laugh.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 random facts about me

To get back into the swing of things I decided to post 20 random facts about me. These are in no particular order, just as they popped into my head.
  1. I love mushrooms, sliced, sauteed, stuffed
  2. I like grilled cheese sandwiches, the more gooey the better
  3. I love most any kind of chocolate, Dove, Hershey's, Lindt
  4. I enjoy a good romance novel, especially with some suspense. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Julie Garwood, Catherine Coulter, Debbie Macomber
  5. I really enjoy traveling and wish I could take my kids more places
  6. I like to fish, granted I haven't fished since I was a kid in Michigan but I enjoyed it.
  7. I like to roller skate not roller blade. When I was a kid, I used to teach the neighborhood kids how to skate. I love it now when the kids' schools do skate night.
  8. I like big purses, I'm tired of black and on the search for bright happy colors that fulfill my needs.
  9. I like to make casseroles, serious casserole queen here, thankfully the kids are now willing to try them.
  10. I am creatively hesitant. I want to make stuff but hold back because the process is either too long or I'm nervous about trying it.
  11. I LOVE flowers, especially the kind the don't grow in the desert.
  12. I adore bright girly colored shoes, very hard to find in my size, but for Christmas Rob got me these and I love them
  13. I love office supplies, staplers, paper clips, file folders, thank goodness they are now making them in colors and patterns, even more enticing yumminess
  14. At one time I wanted to be an entertainment reporter for entertainment tonight
  15. I wished I would have continued playing the viola
  16. I enjoy listening to most kinds of music, except gangsta rap and death metal
  17. I love to learn and understand new things
  18. I'm a romantic
  19. I really like football, when I was a kid my parents got me a record player and one of my first records was the Houston Oilers fight song along with Queen's, another one bites the dust. I was 7 or 8.
  20. My nicknames as kid were; carrot and care bear


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm not sure what has brought about this lack of blogging and to be truthful it is really bothering me. I have even gone about searching on how to make my blog more inticing or topics to talk about when I am having a slow period. I'm also thinking about planning some of my blogging
The last couple of weeks I have been working on a couple of crafty projects. One is the black Harbor Freight spinner. Now my dream scrapbook room has happy bright colors and the black sure doesn't fit in, sooo I purchased bright yellow enamel spray paint and went to town. Over the course of several days and several coats, I finally thought I had enough coverage that the paint wouldn't chip off. Alas, I put my first chip on it yesterday when I was cleaning my scrap room. Such a bummer.

In other crafty pursuits, mom bought me a bunch of yarn the other day because I wanted to start making pom poms so that I can string them up around my room. I've made pom poms before but they were all small and the kids had fun with them. This time its all for me. bewahhhhh. I'm in a slightly crazed, happy mood.
Last Friday I picked up the new issue of Creative Spaces Vol 2 . Pure eye candy sure but for me its so inspirational and I love seeing how creative we women are in our spaces. It sure has kick started my desire to get my room clean enough to start making stuff again. It also has helped me to find solutions to a few of my crafty problems, like where to store punches and 6x6 paper pads, oh and my new washi tape collection.
This past weekend was the CHA, craft and hobby association trade show. I get all excited to see what some of my favorite companies are coming out with and how their designers used the product. Mom has asked if we are going to the scrapbook convention in April, gosh I really hope so. I'm learning how to use some new products but they're not cheap and I would like to stock up on other items that I've always bypassed because I felt they were too expensive to purchase. Now if God would just provide the funds, lol, it will be all good. lol
I'm getting more excited because the newest issue of Where Women Create is due to come out soon. I can't wait to see whom they have featured. I'm also on the lookout for their other new magazine, Where Women Create Business.
Now, I must be off, I have to do my bible study for the day and the day is getting away from me.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Starting a new year is like making a big wish, there are so many possibilities, so much optimism.
This year hasn't started out fantastic. I threw my back out last Friday and I finished up all my muscle relaxers and when my Dr.'s office was closed I went to our local minute clinic at CVS. After waiting for two hours I was told that they couldn't help me. I can't afford the extra cost of going to the urgent care or ER so I waited till my Dr.'s office was open, only to find out that my Dr is out of office until next Monday. My back is still hurting but as long as I take it easy I can get around.
On to the new year.
This is going to be a great year.
I'm working on writing my retreat course and learning and understanding more about me. I will make more time to be creative, I have to because my spirit is just screaming for my creative time. While being laid up I have spent quite a bit of time pinning on pinterest. I have decided that I would like to do one pinterest project a month. I have also expressed my desire to use my cricut carts more. Mom and I are sitting on about 200 carts right now and I would like to get my moneys worth from them. Maybe I can do one cricut cart a week, granted it would take me a couple of years but I would be doing something creative. I want to learn how to art journal and have been checking things out and learning techniques and finding blogs for inspiration.
This year is going to be a great year.
This fall I will have all my kids in school!! Chelsea will be in kindy and Kelly will be in middle school. Wyatt, he has received some awesome news during winter break. He was tested for the gate (gifted) program shortly after school started and we've received his results. My amazing boy scored a 9 out of 9 and a 99% on his test. He will be taking another test in a couple of weeks and this will figure out what services he will get next year.
This year I want to take better care of me. I want to go for more walks and take more pictures. Like so many others I want to pick a word and focus on it for this year. I will check out Ali's blog for a list of one words to get an idea but I think I will also journal and pray about it.
 I have almost finished up a ten week Breaking Free bible study and then I will pick back up on Finding Water with Julia Cameron.
I'm going to be inspired by the good in the world around me. I want to inspire others.
So this year is big wishes, big dreams but also to be realistic. Oh forget realistic, let's go BIG!