Thursday, February 14, 2013

While I love Valentine's Day for all the red, pinks and hearts, I'm not one of those women who expect flowers and a box of chocolates. Something about this day tends for me to think it's more about a yearly affirmation that my husband still loves me. I don't need that because my hubby tells me every day in lots of little ways that he loves me. While getting a huge box of chocolate sounds really awesome right now, it will just make my butt bigger and I'm really working on making it smaller, and the flowers will just wilt and die in a couple of days. Now plants from the local nursery, heck yeah!
I've dropped a few pounds and am still working out almost every single day. At first it was all about the competition and the money, now it's about me and I'm truly believing that because when everyone posted their weight loss/gain I wasn't comparing myself to others.
Yesterday Rob and I were able to go with Wyatt on a field trip to see a trio of Taiko drummers. It was really cool, we got to ride on a school bus there and back. Oh the memories. The drummers were amazing to watch and great with the kids. Granted at times it was super loud and some of the kids were covering their ears but so inspiring. The men talked about how they met, and when they first started playing the drums and their journeys. Just cool.
We came home from school to find that Anna and Bailey had gotten into another fight. The fights have really escalated the last month or so. In this picture Bailey is on the left and Anna is on the right with Bacon in the middle.
Bailey was bad enough that we had to take her into the emergency vet. We were all crying. She had a huge gash on her right paw that had to be stapled and a sprained paw and on the backside of the left paw she had another gash that had to be stapled. Plus other cuts and puncture wounds. The dogs managed to get her harness off without unhooking or breaking it in any way. My poor baby. We've talked to a couple of vets and we can't find the cause of the fights and we aren't home when they happen.
Thanks to mom, who loaned us the $400 to get her cleaned up and into the e collar,  we packed up the crate and moved her to mom's house to recover. We were concerned about mom's dog Gerdie, but so far it has been going well. We think Gertie, who is pretty much deaf and blind, senses that Baily is hurting and is concerned. Mom says that last night Gertie slept next to the crate while Bailey cried on and off, and this morning the two did really well. As long as Bailey does well and doesn't destroy mom's house, she can stay. We are still planning on keeping Anna on one condition, she can't attack another dog or person, if she does, she's gone.
While this whole situation breaks my heart and I have cried so much, I have to do what's best even when it hurts.
After talking with mom this morning she has full plans on spoiling Bailey in hopes that she doesn't eat her coffee table or her plants.
Believe me, I have prayed and journaled that things will work out for all parties.
Also, I have no plans on taking or posting photos of Bailey's injuries. It hurts too much.

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