Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seriously, where the heck have I been?
Granted my little world isn't sitting still but to not have posted in a couple of weeks. Insane!
Let's see, all the kids got eye exams and Kelly and Wyatt have perfect vision and Chelsea's vision is better so we picked out cute new glasses that she started wearing yesterday.
Wyatt was accepted into the TUSD gate program and we were given the options to either stay at Ford and only have a couple of hours a week in the accelerated program or change schools and go to Kellond for all day gate. We have gone ahead and enrolled him so that he has a spot for next year. This left us in a bit of a conundrum. Kelly is starting Secrist Middle school this fall and Wyatt is going to Kellond, what about Chelsea? Do we take her to Ford or see if we can also get her into Kellond?
At the kindergarten round up yesterday I had the chance to talk to Fords Principal, Ms. Leman (who happens to be Dr. Kevin Lemans daughter) and she encouraged me to enroll Chelsea into Kellond. Which leads me to more changes. Kellond starts classes at 9:10 am instead of Ford's 7:45. Most people would be cheering because of the chance to sleep in, but our family is usually up and going by 7:30. This completely throws off my day (I know, I'll get used to it). Added to all of this is that all my kids will now be riding buses! The mom mobile is going to an on call basis. :)
What other news can I remember... Girls Scout cookie season is over and Kelly sold 205+ boxes. She earned all the prizes that she wanted so I'm happy for her. Wyatt had his Blue and Gold ceremony at Pinnacle Peak back in Feb. and as of right now has done everything he needs to, to make his next rank which is Webelos (We be loyal scouts). Two more years and then he joins Boy Scouts. oh my goodness.
When I say we're busy, this is roughly what our week nights look like:
Monday- gym, girls scouts every other week
Tuesday- cub scouts
Wednesday- gym and usually free
Thursday- home church
Friday- gym and usually free
add to the mix, I spend 4 mornings out of the week at the gym myself on top of the 3 evenings. I have lost 10 lbs as of this mornings weigh in!
Weekends are a mix of crazy.
Let's see... I bought a smash journal and have been caught up watching you tube videos to see how other people have used theirs, then that morphed into me watching videos on how to do mixed media art journals and canvas. Oh, am I all a twitter and have been playing around with sprays and stencils, paint and markers. It's fun to watch videos while on the treadmill, makes the time seem to go faster and I learn something too.
So this weekend I plan on smashing my book and taking some more photos.
With all the school changes going on I better get the kids' school albums assembled and caught up before the summer starts.
Coming up this month we have our annual Easter Egg hunt and then Rob is doing El Tour De Mesa, Our sweet 16th wedding anniversary, I'm doing the scrapbook convention with mom and Annette, the church wide Beta retreat and then I'm hosting a canvas art workshop. I think next weekend is our only free weekend left unless I have forgotten something.
Pure insanity
At least it should give me stuff to post about. I think I should upload this months photos so far so I can show instead of tell you whats going on.
Tonight is the open house for Secrist, so we are going to go see and get a feel for where Kelly will be going next year. All my babies are growing up wayyyyy to quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, time seems to be moving way too fast.
I will hope that Chelsea can join her big brother at Kellond.'s. I'm. Just a little worried on how Chelsea will handle school. She is such a stubborn little aught to be interesting.