Friday, June 28, 2013

Chelsea turns 5!!

 My baby girl turned 5 yesterday! It boggles my mind how fast she is growing up.
Chelsea at 5 is energetic, stubborn, a firecracker, impatient. loving, bossy, the list goes on. She is a total girly girl and prefers dresses over shorts and tee shirts. According to Chelsea she isn't hungry for dinner 9 times out of 10 but is always ready for junk food. Grrrr....
This coming month we will start shopping for school supplies because she is heading to Kindy, yeah! She is so ready and excited and so is mama. Granted, she is my buddy and it's going to be hard for me the first week. I do pity her teacher though, she is one stubborn, impatient cookie.
 Yesterday morning Kelly made everyone pancakes and I suggested putting the syrup and sprinkles on. A huge hit among the kids and a great way to start off their day. Sadly, the day was pretty much about getting the house cleaned up. Dinner last night, Nina ordered some yummy Papa Johns pizza and brought over cupcakes to celebrate.
I'm still in the process of decorating for tomorrows big family birthday and this cake is on the list.
Gosh was I scared to start this cake. Everything that I've tried to make this week has bombed creative wise and I couldn't afford to screw this up. I took my time and could NOT find my cake slicer. I decided to wing it and try to even it out with frosting. The layers have chocolate frosting and we did vanilla everywhere else. I can't wait to cut into it tomorrow.


The theme for this party is the new My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic . I really like this cartoon and have enjoyed watching it with Chelsea. There have been a few episodes that have even brought tears to my eyes. Each character has their individual cutie mark, which is something that they are good at or meant to be. Also, it's about making friends, being friends and supporting each other. It's just cool. One of our favorite ponies is Rainbow Dash, she's loyal and feisty.
Anyway, I'm in the process of plastering the house with ponies and pony decor. Chelsea is just going nuts every time I pull out the supplies to see what I have time to put up next. Tomorrow it will all come together.
The only glitch is that it's going to be 110+ degrees in Tucson and we have a swamp cooler with 12 people running around. It's going to get mighty toasty in here. I'm pulling in every fan we have to help out with the warm air.

The cake is chillin in the fridge and we are heading to Grandma's for dinner. Once the kiddos are in bed I will pretty much finish up the decoration and tomorrow will be last minute cleaning before the family arrives.
I'm so excited for Chelsea!
Happy Birthday baby girl, you've made the last 5 years over the top cute and crazy!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dear blog, I miss you and think about you constantly.
Now that my back is better and I can tolerate to sit in the desk chair for longer than 5 minutes, I'll be back.