Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Oh how awesome is our God!
The last couple of weeks have truly been eye opening. As I've mentioned in my last post I'm working through the Experiencing God workbook.
I have seen 3 prayers answered so far and it all culminated last Saturday.
At the end of September was our renewal for Girl Scouts and we didn't have the money to renew plus buy uniforms. I was going to put the renew fees on a credit card and piece out uniforms. This is when I asked God if he wanted us to be in scouts or was I just trying to push it through. I talked to my friend Annette about what my plans were and since she has been in scouts forever maybe she would have some tips.
Instead she answered prayers.
Her girls are no longer in scouts and she has troop funds that need to be used, so she picked me up and we went down to the girl scout office. I filled out registration forms while she and the store clerk went to pick out the things that the girls would need. I had full intention of putting the registration on the card but Annette vetoed that. I am so grateful for her, she has such a heart.
Still, there was a voice in the back of my head that wondered if I was suppose to do scouts this year.
The new Daisy leader and I had our first troop meeting and Chelsea ended up being the only girl there, we still hadn't completed our training or had gotten a troop number yet so I wasn't completely bothered, but that voice whispered again.
One of my home church prayers a couple of weeks ago was to see where God was at work so that I can join him.

This past weekend was also a prayer retreat with the Cepins, a couple that I admire, at the monastery, with the peacocks, lol. Since my concept of the retreat last year, I've wanted to talk with Patti and when I heard of the prayer retreat I was surprised that I wasn't feeling led to go and we also didn't have the extra $$ either. I wondered but let it go.
Anyway, last Saturday ended up being my training for girl scouts and some strange events occurred which really led me to see God at work.
I picked up the leader and we swung by Starbucks to get a coffee. We order and I hear a, Hi Carrie. I look over and see my friend Treasure who is about to head off to her women's study. Then I hear another, Hi Carrie and its Danell who used to go to our church but now my kids go to the same school as her kids.
Ok, we are walking out and talking about how odd it is for me to see people I know at 8:30 in the morning. As we drove out of the parking lot I said, and I know that lady from church, her mother is in my home church (Sheila heading into Curves).
We get to the GS office and our trainer was Kelly's daisy troop leader, Ellen and a former co worker of mine. We get to talking, she is now an artist and catches me up on what she has been doing. I proceed to tell her about my retreat idea and brave girls club, art retreat. (Here's the good part) She tells me that she has a friend who is working on the same retreat concept based off brave girls and she is about 40 steps ahead of me, has a five year plan, has a logo, yada yada. Anyway she gives me the ladies name and it is someone who I'm acquainted with but not close to. Ellen thinks we would be a great fit together and I agree and Ellen is going to give her my info.

One of the things that I've thought about lately is that I can't do the retreat thing alone and I'm gong to have to collaborate with people. Now here is someone I respect and I might be able to work with to accomplish what I feel God has led me to do.
I think me seeing those 3 people I know, was Gods way of getting my attention and opening up to receive this information. I don't feel scared or analytical just positive and open.

After I calmed down a little I realized that I had seen three prayers answered.
1 I have seen that I'm meant to be in girls scouts this year
2. God has shown me where he was at work
3. and why I was not meant to go on the prayer retreat
To put a cherry on top, this morning I emailed the lady and we shall see where this takes me.


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Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how God just puts all the pieces together...but if your not paying attention some people would have missed it entirely and just considered it all a fluke. So cudo's to you daughter.
May this journey continue to lead you were God wants you to be.