Sunday, March 01, 2015

Happy new year to me!!

I know that its actually March 1st, but life has been so over the top that when I've had a free moment I just veg out.
We've just finished up girl scout cookie season and this year I was cookie mom. Being cookie mom has been really cool and stressful at the same time. I have been blessed with some amazing moms and daughters that have made my experience fun. Of course Rob just sees it as time away from him, lol. My head has been filled with cookies for 6+ weeks. Inputting data, filling orders, running to council for more cookies between shifts at work. Cookie booths and making bank deposits. Text messages and facebook messages. I've been "on call" and part of me has relished the activity.
This is my cookie mom shirt that my wonderful leader, Kelly got for me. It brought tears to my eyes. My kids have grown and changed so much this past year.
January also brought something very special. Wyatt crossed over into Boy Scouts. We are so proud. But...that will be a post on its own.
Just coincidence, but today Rob and Wyatt came back from their first Boy scout camping trip to Patagonia lake. Another experience I need to blog about.
Big huge fat sigh.
This last Friday I created my first scrapbook page in 3 years. Oh the fear that gripped me. I did it project life style, to dip my toes back in the scrappy world. After my first page I started the task of getting the kids' school scrapbooks back on track.
Boy, did that bring back memories and had me in tears. It reminded my about why I blogged. So many moments from this last year...
Let's hope with my renewed desire to blog, my writing will get better too, lol
Onward and upward

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Anonymous said...

With the crazy schedule you've been keeping it has amazed me of all that you have accomplished...which in turn has shown me that when you want, you can do anything!!!
It has been fun watching the changes with the kids and where some things never change. It also makes me look back on my childhood and realize just how much I missed out on, and how lucky these kids are to have you both so involved in their only get one shot at this and I see you both giving it your all.
So kiddo, We have a busy spring and summer ahead of us, looks like its going to be interesting

Love ma