Monday, April 06, 2015

Cousins Easter egg hunt 2015

When these 6 get together, laughter and craziness ensues. They're all 6 months to about a year apart in age and get along really well.
Mom, aka Nina usually has a egg hunt in her back yard for my three, this year we invited the cousins to join us.
Mom's backyard is a plethora of plants and garden decor, which makes hiding eggs fun.
The kids get ex amount of eggs apiece and one egg that has their initials on it. That egg has moolah. Mom is generous and gives each kid $5.
 My sister in law, Amanda and I lined the kids up, told them that they needed to find five eggs apiece and then the one egg with their initial. Mom made it more interesting by giving the girls one set of colors and the boys another.
Sadly, Mom had to work so I tried to snap pictures as the kids furiously snatched up eggs.
Boy, they were quick.
Once all the eggs were found, the gang went into the spare bedroom, opened the eggs and saw all the chocolate loot.
 When us mom's walked in to the bedroom, opened eggs and chocolate were in piles in front of each kid.
 A definite sugar high was had by most.
The best part is hearing the giggling coming from the room.


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Anonymous said...

OMG...daughter, thank you so much for doing this for me, and i love the pictures. I enjoy the fact that the kids get to do the hunt, but especially that they get to spend time together.
I had to laugh when I saw all the candy wrappers in the guest room garbage. I had packed those eggs as full as I could get them. Of course knowing that the next day was Easter just added to the fun.