Saturday, April 04, 2015

Cricut Cartridge Summer celebrations

The Summer Celebrations cart has tons to offer and I chose to use the 4th of July themed images.
I love night photography and taking pictures of lightning and fireworks is actually easy and fun. This last year we went to a parking garage at the U of A and could see fireworks from at least 3 directions. The best light show is probably from A mountain but the one from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was no slouch either. The top left photo was from the base, everything else was from A mountain.
I used stickles to bring out some pop and sparkle to my cuts and added some pop dots for dimension.
Now, like most card makers I need plenty of birthday cards and I thought that this cake one would be sophisticated for either guy or girl. I put it into design space and planned the sizing around what I thought I needed. The cut was planned for about 8x11. My thinking being that I would score this in half and have an 4x5.5 card. THIS is how it came out and I just giggled. Way bigger than needed BUT still perfectly usable, as long as I don't need an evelope, lol
The Handy Man card next to it is a 4.25x5.5 a big difference. It's a learning experience for sure. When I was in Design space I used the card canvas for sizing and thought that the card looked way to small. I'm sure I will go looking for a cricut card cheater guide to help me in future sizing.
I believe I am now officially "caught" up on my challenges. I have picked my next cartridge and it's....


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