Saturday, July 04, 2015

June recap

I can't believe that today is the fourth of July.
As most parents say, summer vacation is half over. I feel the same way, but I think I will keep my head in the clouds a little bit longer and deny that summer vacation is almost over.

In June I hid from the heat as much as possible, heck I pretty much became a shut in one week when our temps were over 107. My scrap room was almost unbearable to be in.
The big news around here is that Wyatt now wears glasses.
I want to get a picture of our family with the caption that 4 out of 5 Ross' wear glasses. So far Kelly is the only one with good vision. Of course my vision didn't start to change until high school. So who knows.
Chelsea was also overdue for new glasses so both kids got the hook up.
The one thing I like best about Wyatt having to wear glasses is that we have them made with transitions. He is very light sensitive and this has helped immensely.

Also in June we all went to the circus. Ringling Brothers knows how to put on an awesome circus. I teared up when the elephants came out to do their walk around. The oldest elephant they were using was 58, and she broke my heart. I'm really happy that Ringling Bros are phasing them out. I found the human cannonball so nostalgic and fun. I was lucky enough to get her entire flight in pictures, so cool.
My favorite part was the guys doing the aerobatics on the twin trampolines, that was insane.

But the biggest event of all was this young lady turning 7. Holy cow!
Birthday recap tomorrow!

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