Sunday, August 27, 2006

beautiful day

This afternoon our family including both grandma's and "uncle monkey" all went up to Rose canyon lake for my birthaday. It was a refreshing change than

being in town in one of our houses. The weather couldn't have been better. It was gorgeous there. With all the rain lately the lake was full and the mountain was sooo GREEN. The kids seemed to have alot of fun. Poor Wyatt though, he kept tripping and falling while climbing and running around. We got to the picnic site and immediately ate lunch and then we headed down to check out the lake. It was Ma and Mikeys first time. You can actually go almost all the way around but only the right side has this little walkway. There were actually lots of people coming and going but all were pleasant. Once we started heading back to the site for cake Kelly told us she had to use the bathroom but once she saw the "toilet" she refused to go. But after cake when she HAD to go we went without a problem but she kept telling me she had to flush it. "Mommy how do I flush it?" At least she is trained to flush after going. After just relaxing for a little while Rob and Mikey started throwing the frisbee then it got tossed to me then Ma joined in. It was a funny sight watching ma and I trying to throw straight, with Rob and Mike teasing us. It was a great day. It didn't start out great...

Wyatt got into my contact lense case this morning and managed to lose one of my lenses. Of course it was my last pair and now I have to wear glasses until we can afford to get a new exam and prescription. Anyway.. here is a good shot of Dad and Kelly at the lake. I've been trying to post other pictures but they are not showing up. VERY FRUSTRATING. GRRRR. Anyway it was still a cool day and I can't wait to go camping with the kids. (I know I'm crazy). Have a good Sunday

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Ma said...

Dear family,

I love it, I'm going to send this site on to others and let them enjoy keeping up with the family.

Again, sunday was great--HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carrie-today you are officially ??? ( I won't tell )even though that day is etched in my memory.

Love to all